Aspirating Smoke Detector virtually eliminates false alarms.

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With 5 programmable alarm levels, System Sensor FAAST(TM) Detector provides advanced warning of smoke for challenging environments and critical facilities. Dual source sensing technology uses blue LED to sense smoke, while IR laser distinguishes other airborne particulates from smoke. Detector then uses complex algorithms to interpret signals from both sources to warn of smoke up to 60 minutes prior to combustion while preventing nuisance alarms and false discharge of connected suppression systems.

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Notifier Introduces Faast(TM) Aspirating Smoke Detection

New Aspiration Detector Provides Flexible Levels of Advanced Warning for
Challenging Environments and Critical Facilities

NORTHFORD, Conn, - NOTIFIER by Honeywell (NYSE: HON) introduces the new System Sensor FAAST(TM) (Fire Alarm Aspiration Sensing Technology) detector with five alarm levels to provide advanced warning of smoke while virtually eliminating false alarms. As an integral component of a NOTIFIER fire alarm system, FAAST smoke detection from System Sensor delivers rapid, more precise protection to high-value, high-security and mission-critical facilities, even in the most challenging environments.

The FAAST aspiration detector draws air samples into its sensor through a pipe network. Its exclusive dual source sensing technology uses a highly sensitive blue LED (light-emitting diode) to sense smoke, while an infrared laser quickly distinguishes other airborne particulates from smoke. The detector then uses complex algorithms to interpret signals from both sources to warn of smoke up to 60 minutes prior to combustion while preventing nuisance alarms and the false discharge of connected suppression systems.

Five programmable alarm levels, the most offered by any aspiration system, allow optimum flexibility in setting system sensitivity and warnings for site-specific requirements. An exclusive Acclimate Mode feature automatically regulates system settings to stay within pre-specified parameters to adjust to current conditions and further reduce false alarms.

The FAAST detector's ability to trigger advanced smoke warnings at different stages of a fire is essential for commercial properties intent on minimizing downtime, preventing data loss and avoiding damage from smoke, fire and water. NOTIFIER systems utilizing FAAST can also protect facilities that pose evacuation difficulties, such as hospitals, prisons and stadiums. Unlike most aspiration systems, FAAST is just as effective in environments involving high air velocities, extreme temperature fluctuations and other unstable conditions.

An integrated communications package unique to FAAST can provide e-mail notifications of specific alarm levels, fault levels and other isolated conditions to multiple e-mail addresses. Utilizing an Ethernet connection, authorized users can also monitor the system remotely via a secure Internet connection.

FAAST is listed by both UL (Underwriters Laboratories) and FM (Factory Mutual) as a VEWFD (Very Early Warning Fire Detection) system. For more information on NOTIFIER fire alarm and emergency communications systems with FAAST from System Sensor, visit

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