ASM Assembly Systems' DEK Solar Technologies Take Top Honors at World Solar Congress

At the recent World Solar Congress, a gathering of alternative energy's top executives that took place October 14 and 15 in Shanghai, ASM Assembly Systems' DEK Solar was again honored with an award for innovation.    Voted on by all World Solar Congress participants, the significant technology contributions of DEK Solar in 2014 were recognized with this year's Equipment Supplier Award for Innovation.

The highly competitive category saw DEK Solar innovations rise to the top as some of the most meaningful developments in solar cell metallization.  The printing and metallization leader's award entry highlighted three of its latest initiatives, all designed to improve solar cell metallization processes and contribute to higher cell efficiencies.  Included in the award entry summary were the contributions of DEK Solar's Eclipse metallization platform and VectorGuard Fine Line stencil technology to a project with the Institute for Solar Energy Research Hamelin (ISFH) that produced a record-breaking 21.2% conversion efficiency on an industrial silicon solar cell; the company's Solar Sentinel inspection technology which verifies material coverage for lines as thin as 45 microns, detects cell edge chips and senses complete wafer breaks; and, the small footprint HouYi metallization platform with 1350 wafer per hour capability, advanced software and sensor technology and a new squeegee mechanism that ensures consistent quality over many thousands of prints.   These new innovations inspired World Solar Congress participants to vote overwhelmingly in favor of DEK Solar for this year's award.

Upon accepting the award, DEK Solar Global Business Manager Darren Brown, said, "Being selected as a top innovator by some of the world's most influential solar executives is an exceptional honor.  The entire DEK Solar team is passionate about advancing solar energy technology, making it affordable and accessible and ensuring the competitiveness and successful future of our customers.  This award underscores our commitment and we are grateful for the recognition."

The World Solar Congress Equipment Supplier for Innovation 2014 award is the latest in a string of recent industry accolades for DEK Solar products and processes.  For more information, visit

About ASM Assembly Systems, Printing Solutions Division

ASM Assembly Systems' Printing Solutions Division is the market-leading provider of DEK brand printing technologies.  The DEK range of products and services includes advanced materials deposition technologies and support solutions including screen and stencil printing equipment platforms, metallization platforms, stencils, precision screens and process support products used for a variety electronics assembly, semiconductor packaging and alternative energy applications.  For more information, visit

About The SMT Solutions Segment of ASMPT

With the integration of DEK into ASM Pacific Technology (ASMPT) in July 2014, ASM Assembly Systems consists of the Printing Solutions Division (DEK) and the Placement Solutions Division (SIPLACE). ASM Assembly Systems develops and distributes best-in-class DEK printers, stencils and printing accessories for the SMT, semiconductor and solar markets, as well as best-in-class SIPLACE SMT placement solutions. Both Divisions leverage the power of ASM's development capabilities to deliver significant competitive advantages to customers. By sharing its knowledge and expertise, the SMT Solutions Segment of ASM provides electronics manufacturing companies worldwide with more effective process integration technology and optimized workflows.

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