ASI Releases PCB Terminal Blocks for Automation and Control Equipment

Carlisle, Pa- Automation Systems Interconnect, Inc. has recently announced several new printed circuit board terminal blocks designed specifically to be used in automation and control applications, such as I/O boards, motion controllers, drives, digital panel meters, flow meters and similar high level automation components. Typically these types of products call for a terminal blocks with design features such as moving clamp wire termination, UL 94V0 housings, nickel-plated copper metal parts to withstand any environment, high density and pluggability. All of these design features and more have been designed into the RoHS compliant terminal blocks from ASI.

The selection of printed circuit board terminal blocks with these new additions is now over 2,000 different part numbers insuring that ASI has a product for all applications. The design, color and function of the terminal blocks is compatible with leading manufacturers now on the market so that changing to ASI as a supplier will be transparent to the application and the customer. The standard color is green to comply with that of other manufacturers however several other colors are available upon request. These new terminal blocks are all UL recognized and are now available in both fixed and pluggable wiring in pin spacing ranging from 3.5mm to 10.16mm, wire ranges from 30 AWG up to 6 AWG and with ratings as high as 57 amps.

Due to the ASI direct business model these terminal blocks range from 20% to 50% below the cost of similar terminal blocks now on the market. Complete specifications along with price and delivery can be found at If you would like to speak to a product specialist about an application or if you require samples for evaluation, call ASI toll free at 877-650-5160.


Howard Minnick


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