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Articulating Video Borescopes perform on-site inspections.

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Articulating Video Borescopes perform on-site inspections.

Dec 22, 2011 - Models TTSVS.6-1 and TTSVS.6-3 feature 0.224 in. dia, braided, stainless steel, waterproof insertion tube that measures 40 and 118 in. long, respectively, and is resistant to oil, fuel, and saltwater. In addition to 3.5 in. LCD screen with 320 x 240 pixel resolution, both portable, flexible videoscopes feature 2-way articulation (±120°), on-board image processing, 5X electronic zoom control, and depth of field from 0.118-1.970 in. with 65° wide field of view.

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Titan Tool Introduces Two New Portable Video Borescopes for Remote Inspections

Press release date: Dec 01, 2011

Titan Tool Supply, Inc., Buffalo, New York, announces the introduction of two new videoscope units designed for portable, on-site inspections. The articulating video borescopes feature two-way articulation (± 120°) with on-board (stand-alone) image processing and battery-powered operation. Model TTSVS.6-1 is priced at only $4,299.00 and has a braided, stainless steel waterproof insertion tube measuring one (1) meter (40") long with a diameter of 5.7mm (0.224"), and is resistant to oil, fuel, and 3.5% concentrated saltwater. Model TTSVS.6-3 is identical to Model TTSVS.6-1, but with an insertion tube length of three (3) meters (118") and a price of only $4,999.00, both much less than competitive borescopes.

The new flexible videoscopes have a high-resolution 3.5" LCD screen with 320 x 240 pixels resolution for clear images, according to Titan Tool Supply. Four (4) built-in LED lights with intensity control and automatic white balance enhance image quality, including on highly reflective surfaces. The units include 5X electronic zoom control; depth of field is 3mm to 50mm (0.118" to 1.970") with a 65° wide field of view. The operating temperature range is 23° to 150°F (-5° to 65°C). The still image storage format is JPEG (720 x 625) and the video recording format is AVI (720 x 525).

Titan Tool states that the camera image sensor chip is made by Omnivision (USA), and that for portable use, images and video can be captured on a supplied 1GB SD card. The videoscopes also can be connected to a larger monitor through an A/V plug (also supplied) or to a computer through a USB plug (also supplied). Both models include a sturdy aluminum carrying case with foam-fitted lining.

According to Titan Tool, the capability and portability of the new videoscopes make them ideal for remote, on-site applications including: power transformers, wind turbines, and other power plant uses; security measures; casting dies; automotive and aviation maintenance; shipping and marine; water and wastewater treatment plants; locomotive and railway; heavy equipment maintenance; HVAC and plumbing; manufacturing; and building inspection.

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