Array Microphone locates noise sources.

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Combining prepolarized microphone and preamplifier, ¼ in. Model 130A23 measures acoustic signals in audible range of human ear. Unit features 30 dBA noise floor, 143 dB upper range, and frequency range up to 20 kHz. Powered by ICP® or any 2-20 mA constant current supply, microphone is interchangeable within existing setups for ICP® accelerometers, load, force, strain, and pressure sensors. It helps users locate noise sources in appliances, industrial tools, machinery, and automotive interiors.

Original Press Release:

New Microphone Closes the Performance Gap Between Array and High-End Condenser Microphones

Excellent phase and frequency specifications and a wider dynamic range makes new array microphone ideal for locating noise sources

Depew, NY - PCB Piezotronics launches new ¼ˮ high-amplitude array microphone designed to enable research engineers to locate noise sources in appliances, industrial tools, machinery, aircraft and automotive interiors. The microphone measures acoustic signals in the audible range of the human ear and offers an extended dynamic and frequency range often found on more expensive condenser microphones.

This all-in-one, prepolarized microphone and preamplifier has a 30 dBA low noise floor and a 143 dB upper range making it one of the highest dynamic ranges available in array class microphones. The flat frequency range up to 20 kHz allows noise sources to be analyzed more accurately. Powered by ICP®, or any 2-20 mA constant current supply, the microphone is interchangeable within existing setups for ICP® accelerometers, load, force, strain and pressure sensors.

Standard with TEDS v1.0 and a very competitive price, Model 130A23 is especially suitable for large channel count applications such as acoustic holography, sound pressure mapping, beamforming or applications where reducing noise or meeting a standard specification is a concern for OEM's.

The microphone is part of the Stock Program and available for shipment. For additional information please visit  or contact Mark Valentino, Acoustics Product Manager, at 800-828-8840 or via email at

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