ARPAC will Demonstrate the RTA Series Pallet Stretch Wrapper at the Pack Expo 2010 Show, Booth # S-400!

Schiller Park, IL July 23, 2010 - ARPAC, leading manufacturer of packaging machinery, will be demonstrating the RTA Series Rotary Tower Automatic pallet stretch wrapper this year at the Pack Expo 2010 Show, Booth # S-400.

The RTA Series automatic rotary tower stretch wrapper combines automation and floor space optimization. Whether you need to stretch wrap unstable pallet loads that are either too light or too heavy to rotate on a turntable wrapper, wrap faster than a conventional turntable system, require the flexibility to load the wrap zone with either a fork truck or pallet jack, or wrap in a wash-down environment, this fully automatic entry-level overhead rotary arm pallet stretch wrapper is the solution.

The material handler sets the pallet on the floor in front of the wrapper and activates the wrapping cycle from a remote lanyard with cycle pause feature. The RTA Series completes the job with the film carriage revolving around the stationary pallet load. A robust swing arm drive system uses the best of both direct drives and ring gear design that will not fatigue over time. Upon completion of the cycle, the system automatically clamps, cuts and wipes the film to the pallet. A safety eye is included for instant stopping of the rotating film carriage arm.

All ARPAC Stretch equipment can be custom designed to suit your specific application!

For more information on ARPAC's Pallet Stretch Wrappers, please contact us at 847-678-4871 or

We look forward to seeing you at the Pack Expo 2010 Show, Booth # S-400!

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