ARKU Introduces New Line of Deburring and Edge Rounding Machines at Fabtech

New EdgeBreaker® and EdgeRacer® programmable deburring and edge rounding machines are fast, economical and highly repeatable. Precision parts leveling and the new ARVIS 4.0 coil line control software will be demonstrated as well.

CINCINNATI, Ohio, – ARKU Coil Systems, Inc. will introduce its new EdgeBreaker® and EdgeRacer® deburring and edge rounding machines at Fabtech. Highlights at the ARKU booth include demonstrations of an EdgeBreaker 4000, a FlatMaster® 55 precision parts leveler and the new ARVIS 4.0 coil line control software.

New EdgeBreaker® and EdgeRacer® machines

EdgeBreaker® and EdgeRacer® machines are designed to deburr and round the edges of metal parts that have been punched or cut by laser, plasma or flame.

An EdgeBreaker 4000 will be demonstrated at Fabtech. EdgeBreaker machines can remove thick slag and heavy burrs up to 3 mm on parts up to 80 mm thick and 1,300 mm wide. The machines can process parts of steel, copper, various alloys, aluminum and titanium. The EdgeBreaker's oscillating roller self-cleans residue from the grinding belt, while sanding blocks gently round the edges on both sides. The belt is designed to provide high abrasion and allow fast changes. Sanding blocks, too, are designed for long service life and quick replacement using a patent-pending click system. Optional calibration of the sanding tools measures and automatically compensates for wear. A touchscreen PLC control saves part processing parameters for fast setup on repeat jobs.

EdgeRacer® models – coming to the U.S. soon – are for thinner parts up to 50 mm thick. Made by German brush-technology leader Wöhler and sold worldwide exclusively by ARKU, EdgeRacer models can remove oxide layers and handle three-dimensional parts or those with polished, brushed or coated surfaces.

Two machine styles provide single-sided or double-sided deburring and rounding, with throughput rates of more than 300 m2 per hour. The EdgeRacer is also controlled with a touchscreen PLC which stores part processing parameters for fast setup on repeat jobs. An optional washing unit can also be integrated with the EdgeRacer for cleaning both sides of parts in one pass, before or after deburring.

Parts leveling demonstrated

ARKU will also demonstrate fast, simple parts leveling on a FlatMaster® 55. The FlatMaster enables novice users to produce dead-flat, virtually stress-free metal parts on the first try by entering as few as two values into the control: the material type and thickness. A simple interface of touchscreen icons utilizes a vast database of material properties, "expert knowledge," part thicknesses, operating parameters and plausibility checks that allows new users to run the machine quickly with minimal training. The machine's built-in Optimal Leveling Parameters can be fine-tuned by the operator and saved as a part program for future use. The control can store up to 1,500 part programs.

The servo-hydraulic FlatMaster is uniquely designed for leveling and stress relieving metal parts from 0.020" to 2.25" (0.5 – 60 mm) thickness, and up to 118" (3,000 mm) wide. It adjusts the leveling force instantly to compensate for parts with large cutouts and perforations, or shapes such as triangles and circles. It is also ideal for appearance critical parts. The machine leaves no marring, slag, or discoloration from heat.

Test drive the new ARVIS 4.0 coil line software at Fabtech

ARKU's new ARVIS 4.0 coil-line control software brings coil processors higher uptime and productivity with an operator interface designed for the "mobile" generation. ARVIS software gives the operator a cockpit display of the condition and performance of a coil line's interconnected modules. Multi-touch screens, zooming and swiping allow rapid navigation. Touchscreen control for the setup of each line module, coupled with feedback from the modules and the overall line, allows an operator to control a coil line as easily as withdrawing cash from an ATM.

About ARKU

ARKU, founded in 1928, is a world leader in roller levelers and press feeding technology with the world's most extensive range of high-capacity and precision levelers, and with nearly 50 years' expertise in the field. The company also recently added innovative deburring and edge rounding technology to its portfolio. With its headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany, and ISO-certified facilities in Kunshan (China) and Cincinnati (USA), the business operates in almost 30 countries worldwide. The product range comprises precision levelers, deburring and edge rounding machines for parts, cut-to-length and slitting lines, press feeding lines and coil preparation lines for roll formers. ARKU provides engineering expertise to many manufacturing industries, including automotive, railroad equipment, shipbuilding, construction and furniture, as well as laser job shops and others.


Nicholas Miller

ARKU Coil Systems, Inc.

Technical Director

Tel: 513 985 0500  

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