ARKU Exhibits New High-speed Servo Press Feed and Demonstrates Parts Leveling with New User-friendly Control

Hi-Speed ServoMaster® press feed handles strip up to 600 mm2 cross section at velocities up to 200 m/min with ±0.1 mm accuracy. New control on FlatMaster® parts leveler requires just two parameters to produce dead-flat, stress relieved parts.

CINCINNATI, Ohio – ARKU Coil Systems, Inc. will showcase its new Hi-Speed ServoMaster® press feed system at FABTECH. The company will also demonstrate parts leveling with a FlatMaster® 55 machine using a new control and simple operator interface that allows users to obtain dead-flat parts by entering just two material parameters.

Hi-Speed ServoMaster

The Hi-Speed ServoMaster is the latest addition to ARKU's proven line of servo press feed systems. These roll feed systems - demonstrating ARKU's proven design of servo feeders - are engineered for high availability and long life under continuous loads. They provide fast, smooth acceleration, high accuracy, and easy synchronization with presses and other in-line equipment. The Hi-Speed ServoMaster handles strip cross sections up to 600 mm2. Depending on strip dimensions, the system accelerates at up to 50 m/sec2 to a maximum feed velocity of 200 m/min (656 fpm). Feed accuracy is better than ±0.1 mm (0.004"). The ServoMaster supports press rates up to 400 SPM with pilot release. Its ARVIS control automatically calculates the speed of upstream equipment after a few cycles, enabling the operator to rapidly synchronize all the modules in the line to protect the equipment. The control's plain text messages make it easy for operators to learn and setup the system, while a telephone connectivity allows fast factory diagnostics and troubleshooting.

New Parts Leveler Control Demonstrated

ARKU will also demonstrate fast, simple parts leveling with the new control on a FlatMaster 55 model. The new control enables novice users to produce dead-flat, stress-free metal parts on the first try, nearly every time, by entering as few as two values: the material type and thickness. A simple interface of touch screen icons utilizes a vast database of material properties, "expert knowledge," part thicknesses, operating parameters and plausibility checks that allows new users to run the machine quickly with minimal training.

The new control's built-in Optimal Leveling Parameters can be fine tuned by the operator and saved as a part program for future use. The control can store up to 1,500 part programs.

The servo-hydraulic FlatMaster is uniquely designed for leveling and stress relieving metal parts from 0.020" to 2.25" (0.5 – 60 mm), and up to 118" (3,000 mm) wide. It adjusts the leveling force instantly to compensate for parts with large cutouts and perforations, or shapes such as triangles and circles. It is also ideal for appearance critical parts. The machine leaves no marring, slag, or discoloration from heat.

Technical Presentation November 13

As part of FABTECH's educational program, ARKU's U.S. Technical Director Nicholas Miller will give a presentation during a session entitled, "Making Parts Flat: Innovations in Coil and Part Leveling." The session is scheduled for 8-10 a.m. on November 13.

About ARKU

ARKU, founded in 1928, is a world leader in roller levelers and press feeding technology with the world's most extensive range of high-capacity and precision levelers, and with nearly 50 years' expertise in the field. With its headquarters in Baden-Baden, Germany, and ISO-certified facilities in Kunshan (China) and Cincinnati (USA), the business operates in almost 30 countries worldwide. The product range comprises precision levelers for parts, cut-to-length and slitting lines, press feeding lines and coil preparation lines for roll formers.

ARKU provides engineering expertise to many manufacturing industries, including automotive, railroad equipment, shipbuilding, construction and furniture, as well as laser job shops and others.


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