Arkema's Altuglas International Business Achieves New Level of Heat Resistance with Plexiglas HT121 Acrylic Resin

Plexiglas® HT121 acrylic resin, which is sold under the Plexiglas® brand name in the Americas and the Altuglas® brand name in the rest of the world, is an acrylic resin suitable for a variety of high heat applications.  The product has received a UL classification in the Relative Temperature Index (RTI) of 100°C.

The 100°C classification is the highest RTI classification for an acrylic resin in the Plexiglas® product line.  The classification compliments Altuglas International's existing product line and reinforces its commitment to providing solutions to its customers.  Along with the new RTI classification, Plexiglas® HT121 acrylic resin has also achieved the (f1) UL weathering standard, which means the material is suitable for outdoor use with respect to exposure to ultraviolet light, water exposure, and immersion in accordance with UL 746C.

"Our ability to offer Plexiglas® HT121 acrylic resin for high heat applications is another opportunity for us at Altuglas International to differentiate ourselves in the market," said Business Manager Jim Litkovitz. "As with all Plexiglas® acrylic resins, Plexiglas® HT121 acrylic resin is weatherable, easily processed, UV stable and has excellent clarity.  Altuglas International is proud to expand our excellent product line with the new RTI and qualification achievements," Litkovitz added.

Plexiglas® HT121 acrylic resin is suitable for LED lighting, automotive optic plates, and reflex reflectors or light guides, along with signage and any application requiring a more heat resistant acrylic resin.

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More about PMMA resins:

Widely known as "acrylic glass," polymethyl methacrylate polymer in resin form has exceptional optical properties, even better than those of glass. These properties have made it the product of choice for those working in many sectors of industry, from automotive to building.

About Altuglas International

Altuglas International, integrated world leader in PMMA, is highly involved in the technical plastics sector – from MMA monomer to PMMA acrylic glass. Altuglas International develops and produces new products to suit the needs of its customers worldwide. It employs 1,300 wholly dedicated staff, who contribute daily to the three business sectors (MMA, PMMA resins, and PMMA sheets).

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About Arkema

A global chemical company and France's leading chemicals producer, Arkema is building the future of the chemical industry every day. Deploying a responsible, innovation-based approach, we produce state-of-the-art specialty chemicals that provide customers with practical solutions to such challenges as climate change, access to drinking water, the future of energy, fossil fuel preservation and the need for lighter materials. With operations in more than 40 countries, some 14,000 employees and 10 research centers, Arkema generates annual revenue of approximately $8.1 billion, and holds leadership positions in all its markets with a portfolio of internationally recognized brands.

Plexiglas® and Altuglas® are registered trademarks of Arkema in the Americas and other continents, respectively.

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