Ari-Armaturen Solves 80%+ Steam Trapping Requirements with 2 Steam Trap Solutions

9th August 2007, Tewkesbury - ARI-Armaturen, worldwide leaders in the manufacture and supply of process valves, has developed two steam traps that satisfy the vast majority of applications in any steam plant operation. Both the CONA TD and CONA SC systems provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for the majority of industrial processes and HVAC applications, operating under varying load and pressure conditions. Selecting the right steam trap system has never been faster and less complicated, enabling companies to identify, evaluate and implement a successful steam trap solution for all their needs with one Ari-Armaturen product.

The CONA TD Thermodynamic steam trap is the traditional choice for line drains where the simple and robust construction makes it ideal to withstand superheat and freezing. It is a small, practical and cost effective steam trap which is unaffected by the weather and has a very high performance despite its very small LC design. As well as having metal seals that make it extremely durable, the CONA TD also has a separate control cartridge and heat chamber that means it is easily replaceable on site.

Float traps are the conventional choice for high capacity applications with variable loads and steam pressures. The precision engineered CONA SC Combined Ball Float and Thermostatic Steam Trap has instantaneous condensate drainage with no temperature loss that gives backpressure-free condensate removal. Its compact, slim and light design means it also has optimum handling and the integral check valve eliminates the need for an additional non-return valve. High performance and economy is essential in steam plants and the CONA SC has a controller with automatic air venting/liquid drainage incorporated as standard, as well as an integral diffuser.

Commenting on the company's success in the steam trap sector, Tony Harrison operations manager at Ari-Armaturen said, "CONA TD and CONA SC make the selection of the critical steam trap much easier and less stressful for steam plants. It also underpins our philosophy in being a premier one-stop-shop for valves, controls and pipeline equipment.

About ARI-Armaturen
For more than 50 years ARI-Armaturen has been designing and manufacturing specialist valves used for isolating, securing, controlling and steam trapping across a wide range of industrial processes, from process engineering, chemicals, shipbuilding to building automation. Offering a one-stop solution for all valve requirements, customers can profit from the complete ARI range of butterfly valves, globe valves, control valves, safety valves, strainers/check valves, or steam traps. All designs undergo stringent in-house testing and the valves are renowned for their high operational safety and reliability based on leading-edge manufacturing technology. ARI-Armaturen offers speed, expertise and superior performance, based on the highest quality standards. The company boasts 10,000 products with more than 100,000 variants. For more information visit or call 01684 275 752.

Company Contact:
Tony Harrison
ARI-Armaturen UK Ltd., Energy House, Shannon Place, Tewkesbury Business Park, Tewkesbury, GLOS GL20 8SL
Tel: 01684 275 752

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