Area Scan Camera targets inspection OEMs.

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Offering 4 megapixels of resolution at 60 frames/sec, Falcon 4M60 features true non-rolling shutter for smear-free imaging of fast-moving objects. Snapshot Mode allows immediate image acquisition based on internal or external trigger events. Delivering controlled exposures down to 10 µsec times, camera drives high-speed signals via Camera Link(TM) beyond 10 m, minimizing data errors. Falcon 4M60 is suited for electronics inspection, machine vision, and imaging markets.

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Electronics Inspection OEMs Benefit From New Feature Set of DALSA's Falcon 4M60 Camera

WATERLOO, ONTARIO - June 11, 2007 - DALSA [TSX: DSA] is pleased to announce that its Falcon 4M60 area scan camera now includes new features to extend its performance to the electronics inspection, machine vision and imaging markets. As a result of its robust design and exceptional imaging performance, the Falcon 4M60 has now become the choice of leading inspection OEMs. The camera offers a full 4 megapixels of resolution at 60 frames per second (fps) and offers a true global (non-rolling) shutter for smear-free imaging of fast-moving objects.

"The ability to perform high-speed image capture without smear or distortion has proven to be of tremendous value to semiconductor and automated optical inspection (AOI). Providing better image quality ensures more reliable inspections, which leads to fewer product defects and greater system efficiency," comments Dave Cochrane, Director of Product Marketing at DALSA.

In addition to the robust industry-proven performance, DALSA's proprietary sensor technology offers exceptional image quality and provides many modes of operation, including the following new features.

- New Snapshot Mode: The Falcon 4M60's new snapshot mode provides full trigger-to-image reliability. Renowned in our frame grabber products, this new feature allows immediate image acquisition based on internal or external trigger events.

- New Controlled Integration Time - The camera delivers well controlled exposures, accurately down to 10 usec times, a critical feature for wafer inspection applications.

- Highest Speed Transmission - Camera drives high speed signals via Camera Link(TM) beyond 10 meters, reducing data errors, increasing reliability, and facilitating ease of integration.

- Economical - Based on DALSA's proprietary sensor and camera technology, the Falcon solution is the most economical package for innovative inspection applications.

The Falcon 4M60 is compatible with DALSA's Xcelera-CL PX4 frame grabbers for the PCI Express bus.

DALSA's pricing for the Falcon series, sets a new industry benchmark for value.
Additional models in the Falcon family, including a color version of the camera will be available later this year.

For a full resolution picture of DALSA's Falcon 4M60 camera, visit DALSA's media kit. For more product information, visit the Falcon 4M60 product page or download the Falcon 4M60 data sheet.

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