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Are You Confident Your Facility Could Be Evacuated Safely...

Oconomowoc, WI, April 24, 2007: -Have you ever been in a facility when an announcement comes over the PA system and you can't understand the message? Voice communication and alarm systems play an important role alerting occupants and the clarity of that message can contribute to safe evacuation procedures.
Many things can affect the clarity of speech through a Mass Notification System. The National Fire Alarm Code (NFPA 72) specifies that voice alarm systems should meet specific levels of speech intelligibility.

Quest Technologies has now introduced two products for the evaluation and certification of Speech Intelligibility thru fire alarm, mass notification, and other PA systems. "The Verifier" is available as a stand alone Speech Intelligibility Meter and the Quest SoundPro® Integrating Sound Level Meter Models SE and DL feature the ability to measure and report Speech Intelligibility in STI-PA and CIS formats. They also feature a digital read out to take the guesswork out of whether you are in compliance or not.

Acoustic Spectral Curves are also included with the Speech Intelligibility package on the SoundPro® Models SE & DL. Acoustic Spectral Curves are a way to evaluate the quality of noise in new and existing buildings. The Sound curve options support captured curves, NC curves, PNC curves, NCB curves, NR curves and RC curves.

To learn more about the features of The Verifier and SoundPro® with Speech Intelligibility and Acoustic Spectral Curves option and how you can assure confidence in the safe evacuation of your facility, visit

About Quest Technologies
Quest Technologies Incorporated is one of the most widely recognized and respected names worldwide for safety & industrial hygiene instrumentation and software. We market our products through select independent distributors in over 70 countries worldwide. Our expertise is instrumentation and software and supporting calibration, rental and educational seminar services associated with monitoring and evaluation of occupational and environmental health & safety hazards. Our customers use our products in applications concerned with noise, human vibration, heat stress, thermal comfort, indoor air quality and toxic/combustible gas exposures. Our products are used extensively in military, mining, research, enforcement, insurance, consulting, educational, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, and sports medicine markets. Quest offers "The System Solution" to all your monitoring and data analysis requirements. For more information about Quest, please visit

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