Arcos Bridge and Rail Plasma System reduces overall cost of operation.

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Featuring Hypertherm Plasma and IHT Automation OxyFuel torch, Arcos Bridge and Rail Plasma System with Hypertherm XPR300 can cut any metal from gauge material up to 2 in. of mild steel and 6 in. stainless whereas with IHT Automation OxyFuel torch can cut up to 8 in. of mild steel. Designed with automatic homing, breakaway design, centering mount, system’s OxyFuel torch automates cutting processes.

Original Press Release:

MultiCam Inc., Introduces New Fabrication Product, The Arcos Bridge & Rail Plasma

MultiCam, a U.S. based global manufacturer of CNC cutting solutions is pleased to introduce the Arcos Bridge & Rail Plasma to their Fabrication product portfolio.

Designed with high performance and precision in mind, the Arcos Bridge & Rail Plasma provides unparalleled accuracy and speed with an unbelievable 200% increase in acceleration and 50% increase in traverse speeds over prior models. This best-in-class MultiCam CNC Fabrication system features both the Hypertherm Plasma and IHT Automation OxyFuel torch. Both torch systems are world-renowned for their quality and innovation to lower overall cost of operation, while producing an outstanding cut quality.

"The launch of the Arcos is now MultiCam's third major launch in our corporate strategy to release a completely new system design in our Router, Digital Finishing, and now our Fabrication product Divisions," says Chairman/CEO, David Morse.

The MultiCam Arcos system can cut any metal from gauge material up to 2" of mild steel and 6" stainless (with the Hypertherm XPR300 Power Supply) and features automatic homing, breakaway design, centering mount, as well as four levels of surface detection and protection. Whereas the integrated IHT Automation OxyFuel torch can cut up to 8" of mild steel, with best in class high speed consumables that deliver high quality cuts with an oxygen gas stream traveling faster than the speed of sound. This new OxyFuel design is cutting-edge in that it automates the cutting process from start to finish (Auto-Gas, Auto-Light, Auto-Height, and Auto-Pierce). The MultiCam Arcos combines these two torch systems with the outstanding motion of MultiCam, resulting in a superior and highly effective fabrication machine.

"The MultiCam Arcos is a ground up design that offers a full complement of features that cater to both the Hypertherm XPR300 plasma cutting system and the new Auto-Gas IHT OxyFuel cutting system. The Arcos Bridge & Rail system, with its enhanced speeds and accelerations as well as a fully integrated process library compliments both the Hypertherm and IHT torch and is perfectly balanced to improve our end-users overall cutting experience," says Fabrication Product Manager, Kris Scherm.

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Since 1989, MultiCam Inc. has manufactured over 12,000 CNC (computer numerical control) cutting solutions for various industries around the world. The innovative company integrates advanced technology and value into highly productive systems that are easy to use and built to last. MultiCam manufactures CNC Router, Laser, Plasma, Waterjet, and Knife cutting machines at its 108,000-square-foot facility in North Texas. A global network of experts supports MultiCam, which includes over 50 locations worldwide with 20 Technology Centers across North America.

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