ARC Group Worldwide, Inc. Announces New Proprietary Thixomolding Process

DELAND, FL., – ARC Group Worldwide, Inc. ("ARC" and the “Company”) (NASDAQ: ARCW), a leading global provider of advanced manufacturing and 3D printing solutions, today announced it has developed a new, proprietary Thixomolding process. The new methodology strategically leverages ARC’s industry leading expertise in magnesium injection molding and proven metallurgical knowledge to create the next generation of Thixomolding. Specifically, the new Thixomolding technology uniquely provides ARC with the ability to offer lower porosity, achieve tighter tolerances, create more complex parts, and develop thinner walls than traditional magnesium or aluminum die casting processes. Further, ARC’s fully automated, advanced Thixomolding process creates one of the most competitive price opportunities in the global magnesium marketplace while still delivering some of the quickest lead times.

ARC Chairman and CEO, Jason Young, commented, “The global die casting industry is significant, and we are excited to have a competitive new technology to offer our customers which not only offers higher quality, but lower prices as well. Up until now, cost has been one of the biggest barriers to growth in the Thixomolding sector, but with ARC’s new proprietary process, the Company can offer prices that are more competitive than traditional magnesium and aluminum die casting. We are excited to announce our new Thixoforming capabilities which will enable ARC’s customers to have lighter, more complex parts than die casting, with price no longer being the barrier to adoption.”

About ARC Group Worldwide, Inc.

ARC Group Worldwide, Inc., is a leading global advanced manufacturing and 3D printing service provider. The Company offers its customers a compelling portfolio of advanced manufacturing technologies and cutting-edge capabilities to improve the efficiency of traditional manufacturing processes and accelerate their time to market. In addition to being a world leader in metal injection molding, ARC has significant expertise in plastic and metal 3D printing, precision stamping, traditional and clean room plastic injection molding, advanced rapid tooling, thixomolding, lean manufacturing, antennas, hermetic seals, robotics, and flanges and forges.


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