Application Story: Custom Pneumatics Help Nidek Medical Oxygen Concentrators Deliver Unmatched Reliability

Custom pneumatic directional control valve provides the perfect solution for the unique demands of a medical oxygen concentrator.

Bosch Rexroth (Lexington, KY designed, created and produced a custom directional control valve for a new medical oxygen concentrator from medical device specialist Nidek Medical (Birmingham, AL This custom-designed, specially engineered valve gave Nidek critical marketing and production advantages: superior reliability, logistic and technical support, cost-effectiveness and reduced size and weight. Best of all, Nidek, a world leader in oxygen supply equipment, received these benefits exactly when it needed them most - as Rexroth met a tight, demanding deadline for its major new product launch.

Nidek Medical's Nuvo oxygen concentrators are used in patients' homes or in small clinics - situations where on-site medical resources are limited, making reliability a key issue. To stay ahead of emerging market needs, Nidek planned to roll out a smaller, lighter version of Nuvo - Nuvo Lite - that offered the traditional Nidek advantages of precise oxygen delivery and resistance to contamination by air particles of almost microscopic size. One of the most important Nuvo Lite components - and the most challenging to develop - was the solenoid operated, pneumatic directional control valve that helps turn ordinary air into 95% pure oxygen for respiration.

Rexroth's commitment to, and experience with, lean manufacturing made the difference. Every production deadline was met, a dependable supply of valves flowed to the production line, and worldwide shipping of the Nuvo Lite occurred right on schedule. Most importantly, thanks to Rexroth engineering expertise and support, every Nuvo Lite unit delivered major market advantages for Nidek. These included being light weight, cost-effective (the Rexroth valves were easily integrated into Nuvo Lite and used little material), and high-quality. Nuvo Lite now provides unrivaled reliability and performance to patients needing medical oxygen.

Download the complete application story from the Bosch Rexroth Success Stories web page.

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