Application prevents software hacking, tampering, and piracy.

Press Release Summary:

MetaFortress places protection within and throughout each software product using network of thousands of cross-referenced checks, requiring each instance of application to be separately hacked. Able to be used at any point during development process, solution integrates into IDEs such as Visual Studio and exhibits minimal impact on application performance - typically less than 0.2% in use. Installation to protection process takes less than 1 hr.

Original Press Release:

Metaforic Builds an Anti-Tamper System for the Software Industry

Groundbreaking New Anti-Tampering Software Will Protect Software Sales Cycles and Reduce Revenues Lost to Software Piracy

GLASGOW, Scotland, July 9 -- Metaforic, provider of anti-tamper solutions, is today announcing MetaFortress, a new and unique solution which protects against all forms of hacking and software piracy. MetaFortress takes the precaution of "protecting the protection" by using a network of thousands of cross-referenced checks -- which could require years of painstaking work to unpick -- making it the most effective anti-tampering solution available on the market today.

"Hackers who want to tamper with protected applications can follow a number of approaches," said Andrew McLennan, CEO at Metaforic. "MetaFortress makes these approaches either so difficult that it would be easier for them to rewrite the application themselves from scratch, or so time consuming that any advantage they gain from tampering with the application is minimal. It should take resources beyond the reach of a typical hacking operation to crack an application protected by MetaFortress."

MetaFortress was created by veterans of the software industry who grew tired of watching the piracy problem escalate to the point where illegal versions account for up to 90% of all copies in use, cost billions in lost revenues and can result in companies making a loss on their products. Together the three founding directors handpicked experts to create a specialist team that spent 35 man years making what they believe is the most secure protection solution for the software market.

Andrew McLennan continues, "Companies invest heavily in software development and need to recoup these costs to continue making great products as well as remain profitable and competitive. Currently, pirate copies of software are available often before the product has launched and usually very soon after. For example, in the games industry, if you could prevent piracy in just the first two to four weeks from the launch of a product, overall sales could be doubled. Our aim is to protect and extend the profitable life of a software product by making a hacker's work as difficult and tedious as possible so that the only way for users to reliably obtain a copy is through legitimate channels."

Unlike many security protection methods, MetaFortress places the protection within and throughout each software product, which means that every application has to be separately hacked. For example, defeating a DRM wrapper would no longer enable that hacker to strip every product protected by it. Each and every product would have to be hacked separately.

One of Metaforic's goals was to make MetaFortress easy to use and quick to install. It integrates into popular IDEs such as Visual Studio, can be used at any point during the development process, and takes less than an hour to go from installation to protection.

Finally, MetaFortress has minimal impact on application performance, typically less than 0.2% in use. This means that high performance applications can also get the best protection available.

MetaFortress is available now. The first products protected by MetaFortress will be on the market by the end of the year.

About Metaforic

Headquartered in Glasgow UK, with offices in San Jose, CA, Metaforic develops anti-tamper products to protect any software application, as well as DRM systems, Client Applications and License Management Systems. 'MetaFortress' armours applications from the inside out, preventing and protecting against all forms of tampering, piracy and the most sophisticated hacking attacks. Metaforic's revolutionary software is easy to use and offers extreme protection with near zero performance impact. Further information is available at Metaforic's website

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