Application Deployment Manager reduces uncertainty, risk.

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Able to integrate with various platforms and tools, VaraLogix Q® Spring11 removes risk and uncertainty from automated deployment and rollback of business-critical Web applications. Functionality lets IT Operations, Development, QA, and Production teams seamlessly automate real and virtual environments as part of standardized, repeatable, and audit-ready way to execute Web Application Deployment. Features include role-based access, Active Directory/LDAP group integration, and cloning.

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VaraLogix Announces VaraLogix Q Spring11 Release

A new user interface, Active Directory role management, cloning for ad-hoc deploy and hot fixes, enhanced support for continuous development and additional reporting are included.

AUSTIN, Texas -- VaraLogix®, the emerging leader of Web Application Deployment solutions, today announced availability of the VaraLogix Q Spring11 product release. VaraLogix Q® is the vital safety net for automated deployment and rollback of business critical web applications, removing risk and uncertainty from the deployment process. IT Operations, Development, QA, and Production teams can seamlessly automate real and virtual environments as part of a standardized, repeatable and audit-ready way to execute Web Application Deployment. VaraLogix Q integrates with platforms and tools including JBoss, WebSphere, WebLogic, Tomcat, Apache, GlassFish, ClearCase, Build Forge, Perforce, Subversion, Oracle, MySql, MS SQL and more.

VaraLogix Q Spring11 bundles a number of features which increase the security, usability, and scalability of the product including:

-- Role-based access control for system functions and objects,
-- Active Directory/LDAP group integration for centralized and consistent role management,
-- A totally revamped user interface making it easier to define, schedule, and track deployments,
-- Cloning of containers and environments for quick and easy ad-hoc deployments and hot-fixes,
-- New reporting for quickly identifying the latest instance of a Q deployed application
-- Enhanced support for continuous development for immediate, automatic scheduling and deployment for every application change.

"VaraLogix Q applies the unique approach of archiving all application components - including the WAR/EAR files, DB schema, static content, etc. - and manages them as a single versioned 'container'," said Robin Fuller, VaraLogix CTO and Co-Founder. "Q Spring11 makes defining the containers, managing promotion models, and reporting on results even easier and more robust. With VaraLogix Q, you'll always know that the correct version of an application component has been promoted and deployed, correctly and with complete traceability. The container technology invented by the VaraLogix team keeps all application content safe and secure as it advances from QA through to Production, and in the event that a rollback is required, all stored versions of any container are readily available for redeployment."

During a deployment, Q intelligently analyzes the content of the containers in order to route each component of the application to the correct target environment using the appropriate release process. The intelligent routing of application components is based on on-demand deployment process building blocks which come out of the box. These building blocks, or libraries, are common to the procedures and tools used in the environments that Q specializes in such as WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss, WebSphere, Apache, Subversion, CVS, ClearCase, etc. Q automatically determines the correct process to run depending on the type of application content and performs the necessary actions to deploy to the correct target resources. If an error does occur, the application including all of its components, can be instantly rolled back to any known good version. Q provides a Web-based management console for centralized control across geographically distributed teams and provides visibility into the entire application deployment lifecycle. VaraLogix Q is cloud-ready and includes pre-flight reporting for understanding deployment outcomes in advance.

"The benefit of managing the application in this way is that you can perform actions on pieces of the application dynamically and independently of a fixed process (such as for testing components)," said Tim Wall, VaraLogix CEO and Co-Founder. "Reproducibility is automatic - questions like 'What did I deploy six weeks ago?' or 'Who approved the production deployment?' can be answered in seconds with visibility into the who, what, where and how of past, present and future deployments. The Spring11 release is the culmination of input from both small and large IT organizations and further extends the value that we bring to both technical and business users."

About VaraLogix

VaraLogix is led by the same experienced team who founded Build Forge, acquired by IBM in 2006. This team has spent decades addressing automation, configuration, build, and release management issues at global 2000 companies and government agencies such as Apple, State Farm, AllState, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Lockheed Martin and many others. VaraLogix is privately-held with headquarters in Austin, Texas, and was recently named one of ten 'IT Companies to Watch in 2011' by Bloor Group, a leading IT industry research firm. For more information, please visit

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