Application Analysis Software analyzes profiling information.

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To help minimize programming workload, Eclipse GUI-based Poly-Inspector(TM) identifies application hot spots, which are prime candidates for distribution onto multiple cores. Resulting information is graphically displayed, enabling developer to browse application call tree and interpret data. Poly-Inspector can present performance information from profilers, simulators, or traces.

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PolyCore Software Announces Profiling Front-End Tool

Simplifies application analysis for multicore migration

BURLINGAME, Calif., Nov. 17 /-- PolyCore Software, Inc., the leader in multicore communications software solutions, today announced Poly-Inspector(TM), an application analysis tool. Poly-Inspector is an Eclipse GUI based, flexible tool that helps developers to quickly analyze application profiling information.

Developers migrating applications from single to multicore, should start with an analysis of the application. The analysis begins with identifying application hot spots, which are prime candidates for distribution onto multiple cores. The resulting information is graphically displayed, enabling the developer to quickly browse the application call tree and interpret the data. Poly-Inspector can present performance information from profilers, simulators or traces.

Poly-Platform(TM), now comprised of Poly-Inspector, Poly-Mapper(TM) , Poly-Generator(TM) and Poly-Messenger®/MCAPI, provides a flexible, efficient multicore migration platform. With Poly-Platform, developers easily analyze the application, create a topology map, and generate an optimized C-based topology definition. The application and topology are combined through a standard compile and link with the Poly-Messenger/MCAPI runtime libraries, which provides a standardized communications API, hardware abstraction layer, system discovery and a clean separation between application and topology. Poly-Platform allows for remapping and reconfiguration to be done without changing the application.

"We are excited about Poly-Inspector and the potential time savings it brings to multicore application developers," stated Sven Brehmer, President and CEO of PolyCore Software and chairman for the Multicore Association's MCAPI working group. "Poly-Inspector is the next step towards simplifying the multicore software equation".

"When designing Multicore and distributed system, engineers must ensure that the application is efficiently distributed. Now, Poly-Inspector makes it easier to interpret performance analysis information, assisting the developer to determine optimal distribution across the cores," noted Michel Genard, Vice President Marketing, Virtutech, Inc. "With Poly-Platform and Simics, developers of such complex systems can derive and validate high level system designs, produce and debug low level code, run and integrate all within a virtual system."

"Multicore systems imply increased software complexity in embedded computing, but Poly-Inspector reduces the programming workload by simplifying the analysis of the application," commented John Carbone, Vice President, Marketing, Express Logic. "It further enhances the ThreadX® RTOS + Poly-Messenger/MCAPI combination by simplifying analysis, setup, configuration and scaling of multicore software, while reducing programming errors, and helping developers to more easily develop and deploy multicore solutions."

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PolyCore Software, Inc. simplifies multicore software development, reducing time to market, risk and cost, while preserving existing software investments. PolyCore Software provides run-time solutions and tools for multicore platforms, serving markets as communication infrastructure, digital consumer, medical, HPC, industrial automation, aerospace and defense. For more information, contact PolyCore Software at 650-570-5942, or visit

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