Appliance enables remote access and PCI self-certification.

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Developed for mid-market businesses, GateKeeper 620 provides way to meet audit and compliance requirements and securely manage remote IT infrastructure. Device compartmentalizes and contains high-risk users, then monitors, alerts, remediates, logs, records, and reports all their activities. GateKeeper 620 leaves zero footprint on network and limits visibility to source IP address. Centralized reporting minimizes complexity of passing internal audits and delivering proof of compliance.

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New Xceedium GateKeeper 620 Provides Secure, Cost-Effective Remote Access and PCI Self-Certification Benefits

Appliance Provides Cost-Effective Solutions for Branch Offices, SMB's and Managed Service Providers

NEW YORK, Sept. 16 /-- (Interop, Booth #1123) -- Xceedium, Inc., the premier provider of entitlement management solutions that control high-risk users, today announced the Xceedium GateKeeper 620. Developed for mid-market businesses, the GateKeeper 620 is a hardened appliance that provides a cost-effective way to meet audit and compliance requirements and securely and efficiently manage remote IT infrastructure, such as branch and remote offices. PCI Level 2 and Level 3 businesses will benefit from an enterprise-class solution to assist with self-certification. Managed service providers can use the Xceedium GateKeeper 620 to provide an easy way to satisfy their customers' compliance needs for PCI Level 2 and 3 -- a significant competitive advantage in a crowded MSP marketplace.

Xceedium GateKeeper 620 is Xceedium's response to several important market trends, such as increasingly strict general compliance needs -- including PCI self-certification requirements -- and the needs of companies to manage remote infrastructure more cost-effectively. The Xceedium GateKeeper 620 will be distributed exclusively through Xceedium's channel partners.

"Xceedium GateKeeper 620 is a solid, easy-to-deploy solution that automates the complex security models for high-risk users necessary to meet compliance regulations, especially PCI Level 2 and Level 3 companies with self-certification requirements," said Cheryl Traverse, CEO at Xceedium. "Xceedium GateKeeper 620 also delivers a simple, cost-effective way to balance security requirements and operational efficiency in managing remote infrastructure for SMBs and branch offices."

Xceedium GateKeeper 620 has all the unique and patent-pending technologies of the original Xceedium GateKeeper currently deployed in critical enterprise and government IT infrastructures worldwide. Xceedium GateKeeper 620 compartmentalizes and contains high-risk users, then monitors, alerts, remediates, logs, records, and reports on all their activities.

"We are committed to arming our customers with the best technology, expertise and services -- all in one central location," said Russell Zientek, CEO at Computerlinks. "The Xceedium GateKeeper 620 delivers new functionality that will allow our customers to strengthen their security and compliance offerings with the GateKeeper's monitoring and reporting capabilities, and extend this functionality in a cost-effective manner to organizations with smaller IT infrastructures."

Xceedium delivers a solution to assist companies with PCI self-assessment via its entitlement management model, which includes access control, enforcement, monitoring, recording and reporting. With its patent-pending LeapFrog Prevention(TM) technology, companies can create fine grain compartments of authorized areas in their infrastructure and prevent high-risk users from "leap-frogging" to unauthorized areas. Xceedium GateKeeper 620 provides a unique access method that leaves zero footprint on the network and limits visibility to the source IP address. Its bi-directional session recording for all CLI-based access provides a complete audit trail and full accountability for high-risk users. Centralized reporting capabilities reduce the time and complexity of passing internal audits and delivering proof of compliance.

Xceedium GateKeeper 620 is available exclusively through the company's channel partners. For more information please visit

About Xceedium, Inc.

Xceedium is the premier provider of entitlement management solutions that reduce the complexity and cost of controlling high-risk users. Employing unique and patent-pending technologies, the Xceedium GateKeeper(TM) line of hardened appliances enables companies to actively manage high-risk users by automating compliance reporting, managing outsourcing risk, providing secure and efficient access to remote infrastructure and controlling vendor access.

Xceedium solutions have gained wide acceptance in both the private and public sector, due largely to leading technologies specifically developed to address increased outsourcing and strict compliance regulations. Xceedium GateKeeper is deployed in the largest enterprise and government IT environments, as well as in branch offices, SMBs, departments and managed service providers. An ever-expanding client base includes household names in financial services, retail, healthcare, managed IT services and other key verticals, as well as strong representation across a wide spectrum of U.S. government and military IT facilities.

Xceedium is headquartered in Jersey City, N.J. For more information, visit, or email to

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