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Covering network insider threat channels including data egress points, internal transactions, web and P2P communication, confidential document movement, and VPN connections, CoreView(TM) continuously monitors, records, and analyzes all network traffic and discrete desktop activity. Network-based appliance performs deep packet content analysis, secures and tracks enterprise documents, provides prioritized alerts, and delivers comprehensive decision making reports.

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Oakley Networks Introduces Integrated 'Network to Desktop' Solution for Insider Threat Detection, Prevention and Remediation

Launch of CoreView builds on company's leading desktop solution to provide total behavioral visibility into network and desktop communications and activities

SALT LAKE CITY, Aug. 28 // -- Oakley Networks, Inc., the leader in integrated solutions for insider threat detection and prevention, today announced the immediate availability of CoreView(TM), the company's network-based behavioral analysis solution. With the addition of CoreView to its product suite, Oakley Networks is the first vendor to integrate network monitoring capabilities on top of a proven host-based solution already deployed by Fortune 1000 companies and leading government organizations (Oakley Networks SureView(TM)).

"A combined, integrated solution that covers both network traffic and discrete desktop activity is the only way to fully mitigate insider threats," said Tom Scocca, Investigator-Global Security consultant for Applied Materials. "Applied Materials is a global organization with 14,000 employees developing nanomanufacturing technology that helps produce virtually every semiconductor chip and flat panel display in the world, so it's vital that intellectual property is protected whether it's at rest, in motion, or even in use. Oakley Networks delivers the total solution."

The CoreView solution is a turnkey appliance that can sit either at the network perimeter or monitoring interdepartmental traffic, depending on the customer need, and covers all network insider threat channels including data egress points, internal transactions, web and P2P communication, confidential document movement and VPN connections. The appliance continuously monitors traffic at the packet level, including payload analysis, and includes all TCP protocols, both inbound and outbound.

CoreView is the only network-based solution for insider threat mitigation that incorporates both comprehensive network traffic coverage and deep behavioral content analysis, capturing the entirety of packet level activity for analysis and incident reconstruction and forensics to:

o Continuously monitor, records and analyze all network traffic
o Perform deep packet content analysis
o Secure and track all enterprise documents
o Provide actionable, prioritized alerts
o Deliver comprehensive decision making reports for technical and non technical viewing
o Enable in-depth incident reconstruction and forensics analysis
o Deliver gigabit speed for high-volume egress points and interdepartmental deployments

Oakley's Combined Solution Provides Visibility, Context and Correlation

By deploying CoreView with SureView, enterprises can expose and eliminate insider threats and provide total visibility into the behavior of users from the network to the desktop, across all communication channels and for encrypted traffic and even offline mobile users. Far more than just monitoring or filtering content, the integrated policy-based solution provides enterprises with true behavioral visibility, with the critical context and event correlation necessary to determine the most appropriate response. The SureView solution acts as the perfect complement to CoreView, providing detailed capture and analysis of all desktop activities:

o Comprehensive desktop processes
o All File system access
o Terminal Server Applications
o Information copied to the Clipboard
o Data copied to USB thumb drives and removable media
o Complete Keystroke capture
o All Printer output

By adding context and event correlation to behavioral visibility, companies can make extremely targeted and informed decision about remediation, ranging from simple user coaching and training to modifying or creating new business policies and procedures, even taking disciplinary actions including termination with documentation. By having deep forensics capabilities at both the network and desktop, including DVR-like replay of desktop activity (with Oakley Network's SurePlay(TM)), enterprises can not only pinpoint and document activities that put shareholder value at risk, but also easily minimize false positives in ambiguous cases. The combined solution also allows, for example, a single threatening incident or trend at the desktop to be rolled up into a policy that is the pushed out to be enforced at the access point or even specifically between departments and networks segments, as required.

"Security architects in the Global 2000 and in other large enterprises realize they need a layered approach to information confidentiality against insider threats," said Trent Henry, Senior Analyst for Burton Group. "Their problem has been making a choice between network-based filters or host-based controls -- each of which has distinct strengths and weaknesses. The introduction of an integrated solution with mature protection and management capabilities will be an important factor to protect sensitive data in an increasingly hostile network and regulatory environment."

"Both SureView and CoreView have been battle tested in some of the world's most demanding global security deployments," said Derek Smith, Chief Executive Officer for Oakley Networks. "Our integrated solution not only provides the combined network and desktop visibility needed to eliminate insider threats, but also allows for the widest range of informed response with the necessary forensics and documentation, even live replays of actual events. By knowing exactly what took place, in context and with other event correlation, enterprises can save enormous amounts of time and money by reacting with extremely targeted training, process modification, or disciplinary action."

About Oakley Networks

Oakley Networks leads the insider threat prevention market with the only network and host-based solution to provide enterprises with total visibility into the behavior of their users. From the network to the desktop, across all communication channels, Oakley Networks integrated solution gives enterprises the critical insight and information they need to detect and eliminate all insider threats. Oakley Networks customers include Fortune 1000 enterprises and both civilian and defense government costumers. Oakley Networks was founded in 2001 and is a privately-held company backed by Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Duff Ackerman Goodrich and Fidelity Ventures. For more information visit

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