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A company in Middletown, Connecticut wanted to extend the capability of their popular multi-room audio system to allow keypad control from outdoor locations. To make the keypad weatherproof, they required a transparent seal that would permit reading the legends on the buttons, facilitate through-seal operation and be easily integrated into their keypad design and be mounted to a standard outdoor electrical box.

APM designed a single-piece, crystal-clear, precision-molded silicone rubber seal that nests neatly into a perimeter groove of the keypad's front plate assembly. This pliable, UV-tolerant seal permits easy viewing of the keypad legends, operation of each button through the seal, tolerance to weather/dust, and molded-in recesses for the mounting screws.


External or Internal Interactive Sealing Solutions

APM's custom molded dynamic elastomeric seals are designed to transmit mechanical energy, either internally or externally applied, depending on your application and environmental challenges. They flex and move without degradation or sealing compromise. Static sealing solutions too – anything requiring either heat transfer or injection molding. Please submit your design requirements and we'll rapidly respond with a cost-effective solution and quote.

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