Apertured Films are manufactured from TPX methylpentene.

Press Release Summary:

Delnet® apertured films are manufactured from TPX(TM), 4-methylpentene-1 based polyolefin, for safe and non-toxic use in medical, food-grade, and other applications requiring heat resistance, transparency, and chemical/hydrolysis resistance. Produced in multiple configurations, TPX has melting point of 460°F and visible light transmittance of 90%. Colorless product features low water absorption (0.01%), and hydrolysis will not cause dimensional changes or physical property deterioration.

Original Press Release:

DelStar Technologies, Inc. Introduces TPX(TM) Methylpentene Delnet Apertured Films

MIDDLETOWN, DE (July 25, 2007) - DelStar Technologies, Inc. announced today that they now manufacture Delnet® apertured films from TPX(TM), a 4-methylpentene-1 based polyolefin.

DelStar Technologies chose to develop this new TPX Delnet product because it displays a unique combination of physical properties and characteristics that will benefit their existing markets. The TPX Delnet films will provide safe and non-toxic advantages in medical, food-grade, and other applications requiring high heat resistance, transparency, light weight, good release, or good chemical and hydrolysis resistance.

DelStar Technologies can produce their new TPX Delnet apertured films in a multitude of configurations. Further, this new product will have improved processing characteristics over traditional polypropylene and polyethylene Delnet products due to the inherent properties of the TPX copolymer.

TPX Delnet apertured films will provide increased heat resistance and can be used at more intense service temperatures than those of polypropylene. The melting point of TPX is 240°C (460°F).

TPX Delnet apertured films will be more transparent than traditional Delnet products. The TPX methylpentene grade is colorless, with a visible light transmittance of 90 percent, plus it is superior to other transparent resins in ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) transmittance.

TPX Delnet apertured films will exhibit exceptional release properties. The surface tension of TPX methylpentene is second only to flouropolymers, at 24 dyne/cm.

TPX Delnet apertured films will not absorb water, nor will hydrolysis cause dimensional changes or physical property deterioration. With a very low water absorption (0.01%), TPX methylpentene is highly resistant to water and steam. Plus, TPX methylpentene shows excellent chemical resistance in comparison to other transparent resins.

DelStar Technologies is currently sampling a TPX Delnet product with a six mil (150 micron) thickness and a 65 percent open area. DelStar also invites you to present your specific requirements for the development of a unique structure.

DelStar Technologies, Inc., headquartered in Middletown, DE, has manufacturing operations at that location, as well as in Austin, TX, Richland, PA, El Cajon, CA, and Suzhou, China. DelStar Technologies also has international sales offices in Bristol, England and Shanghai, China. For more information, visit DelStar Technologies on the internet at www.delstarinc.com.

For additional information on TPX Delnet Apertured Film, contact Marjorie E. Wilcox, Corporate Marketing Manager for DelStar Technologies, Inc.

DelStar Technologies, Inc. is a portfolio company of American Capital Strategies, Ltd., (NASDAQ: ACAS.) Copyright © 2007 Delnet is a registered trademark of DelStar Technologies, Inc.

TPX is a trademark of Mitsui Chemicals, Inc.

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