Anvil's Revolutionary 260 Insulation Saddle System Eliminates Wood Block and Shield Systems

Huge Labor Savings for Plumbing, Mechanical, Insulating Contractors

PORTSMOUTH, NH, June 13, 2006 - Anvil International, the largest and most complete fitting and hanger manufacturer in the world, recently announced a revolutionary product for installing insulation.

The new 260 Insulation Saddle System (260 ISS), for copper and steel pipe systems,
dramatically saves time and money by eliminating the wood block and shield as well as costly hanger adjustments. This new system proves ideal for use with chilled and hot water systems ranging in temperature from 40°F to 200°F.

"Plumbing, mechanical, and insulating contractors will save tremendously on their
labor costs with the 260 Insulation Saddle System," said Dan Walsh, Anvil's National Product Manager, Hangers and Supports. The system features a V-Block Design that cradles the pipe during and after installation, and is fully load-rated and tested to exceed MSS (Manufacturers Standardization Society, MSS-SP-69) recommendations.

"Anvil's 260 ISS spreads the load over a larger surface of the hanger than the old-fashioned 'wood block and shield' systems," Walsh added. "With this new design, a user only needs to use a standard mastic at the mating edges of the insulation, and caulk the insulation seams at the saddle to create a positive barrier for chilled water systems and finish taping via normal insulation methods. For hot water systems, finish taping is all that is required."

The 260 Insulation Saddle System is pre-assembled with a high-impact, glass-reinforced polypropylene saddle, carbon steel pipe spacer, and an Anvil Figure 260 clevis hanger with a size range of 2" to 16" hangers to accommodate steel pipe sizes ranging from ½" through 12" or copper tube sizes ranging from 3/8" through 8" with up to 2" insulation in the larger sizes. With a flammability rating of VO per ASTM test UL94 and a low thermal conductivity equal to .77 (BTU-In/Sq. FT-HR-°F), this system is ideal for all HVAC chilled and hot water piping installations. When selecting the appropriate hanger, customers can specify pipe size, insulation thickness, figure number, and finish.

Anvil International is the world's largest and most complete manufacturer of piping connections and support systems. For over 150 years, Anvil's products, services, and representatives have earned them a reputation for building dependable, lasting connections - pipe to pipe and people to people. The company's manufacturing facilities are located in Pennsylvania, California, Tennessee, Texas, Rhode Island, and Ontario, Canada. All Anvil manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001-2000 certified with the exception of Houston, TX, which is an API certified facility.

Anvil is a subsidiary of Mueller Water Products, Inc., a publicly traded company on the NYSE as US: MWA. For more information, please contact Anvil's corporate offices at 603-422-8000, 110 Corporate Drive, Suite 10, Portsmouth, NH 03801 or visit the Web site at

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