Antistatic Firesafe Valves

Habonim has an innovative antistatic firesafe valve. The AF series, Anti Static Fire Safe valves are designed and tested to the requirements of API 607 4th Edition and to BS 6755 Part 2 specifications. The valves contain soft seat rings. In the event of fire, a secondary metallic machined fire lip on the end connector comes in contact with the ball and prevents leakage through the valve port. The anti static fire safe stem incorporates a machined fire lip, which will prevent leakage once the thrust seal is burned off. All AF valves are fitted with expanded graphite body seals and stem packing. All AF valves have 8 body bolts threaded to the body.

The Tongue & Groove design is used in all firesafe valves and is intended to allow full compression of the expanded graphite body seal and the alignment of the body to the ends. This is achieved by a specially machined tongue on the body with a mating groove in the end connector. The firesafe bodies and end connectors are not interchangeable with Habonim standard 47P/46 series bodies and ends.

All Firesafe valves are fitted with 8 body bolts which are threaded to the body and are one size above the standard through body bolts. In the event of fire, these bolts will expand minimally and thus prevent external leakage from the body seals. A precision machined blowout proof anti static fire safe stem is inserted into the body from within. The stem has a special anti static device and special machined fire lip for metal-to-metal contact sealing in the event of fire.

In the normal working condition the valves resilient seats with their special profile, provide bubble tight shutoff, while protecting the secondary metallic ring. The stem sealing is achieved by a resilient thrust seal and graphite gland packing. The valve graphite body seals are encapsulated and will not burn off. In the event of fire, the seats creep rapidly inward and tend to crawl between the ball and downstream port until they finally burn off. The specially machined secondary metallic ring prevents the seat from creeping inward and creates contact with the ball as it is pushed downstream, thus preventing leakage through the valve port. When the resilient thrust seal burns off, the stem is pushed upward by the growing internal pressure and the disk springs above, and its machined ring shaped surface prevents leakage.

Habonim is a leading manufacturer of innovative ball valves and pneumatic actuators. Founded in the early 1960's as a stainless steel and aluminum casting foundry, the company expanded into the design and production of 3- piece and flanged ball valves. Habonim introduced to the market the only 4- piston pneumatic actuator in the world, the "Compact". With a worldwide presence, Habonim is specified by many of the major companies in the following industries:- Chemical, Petrochemical, Oil Refinery, Energy, Offshore Drilling, Marine, Pulp and Paper, Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food and Beverage and others.

Habonim has an innovative performance and reliability. In industries where performance, quality and reliability are essential, Habonim valves and actuators are a secure choice. Each valve and actuator is manufactured to strict technical specifications, guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

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