Antimicrobial is formulated for use in metalworking fluids.

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Offered as broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide, BIOBAN(TM) OPP 63 is effective against mycobacteria and other harmful microorganisms. It has high pH, is thermally stable, has no halogens, and can be processed through normal publicly owned treatment works systems according to local regulations. Compatible with emulsifiable, semi-synthetic, and synthetic fluid, product does not contain formaldehyde, can be formulated into concentrate, and can be used as tank-side treatment.

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Dow Biocides Introduces Bioban OPP 63 for Use in Metalworking Fluids; Celebrates Milestone

Buffalo Grove, IL - July 30, 2008

Dow Biocides, a business unit of The Dow Chemical Company, introduces BIOBAN(TM) OPP 63 Antimicrobial for use in metalworking fluids. The launch of this product coincides with a Dow Biocides milestone; this year marks the 60th anniversary of the registration of OPP (o-phenylphenol), the oldest molecule in the broad Dow Biocides portfolio offering.

BIOBAN(TM) OPP 63 is a broad spectrum bactericide and fungicide that demonstrates excellent efficacy against Mycobacterium; this is a rarity for a biocide. Mycobacteria have a wax-like outer shell coating and as such, are resistant to water-soluble biocidal chemicals, and are often considered difficult to kill. From a health perspective, industry experts have discussed the possibility that the presence of mycobacteria causes lung disease among machine workers.

"Environmentally, not all phenols are the same," said Nanette Hermsen, global marketing manager, Dow Biocides. "While many people perceive phenolic preservatives to have a negative impact on waste water treatment systems, OPP entering the waste water treatment plant at low ppm concentrations will be extensively biodegraded. This is excellent news for metalworking fluids formulators, as OPP is one of the few biocides that is extremely effective against mycobacteria and other harmful microorganisms. As the oldest biocide in our portfolio, we have substantial data on OPP and how it functions in applications."

Other key benefits of BIOBAN OPP 63 Antimicrobial include superb pH and thermal stability, the absence of halogens and the ability to be processed through normal publicly owned treatment works (POTW) systems according to local regulations. Since BIOBAN OPP 63 is a liquid, it can be formulated into the concentrate and can also be used as a tank-side treatment. It does not contain formaldehyde and is compatible with all fluid types: emulsifiable, semi-synthetic and synthetic.

In 2007, Dow Biocides announced that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that OPP was eligible for re-registration. As part of the Re-registration Eligibility Decision (RED), the EPA completed human health and environmental risk assessments for OPP. In those assessments, the EPA concluded that there was no evidence of increased risk to infants and children. Furthermore, the EPA classified OPP and SOPP (sodium o-phenylphenol) as "Not likely to be carcinogenic to humans" at typical use concentrations.

"The efforts we took to re-register OPP demonstrate our commitment to the metalworking fluids market and to finding solutions that are both highly effective, as well as safe for the environment," Hermsen said. "OPP has always been considered an excellent biocide, and now formulators can take full advantage of its broad-spectrum, quick kill properties while managing waste water treatment."

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