Anti-Static Products increase safety for drums and pails.

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Made from FDA-approved polyethylene, DrumSaver(TM), PailSaver(TM), and LinerPro(TM) dissipate static charges from potentially flammable products. Anti-static liners and dust covers eliminate dry chemical static cling in containers that must remained covered according to OSHA standards and protect containers from product to ensure purity. Tested for performance using ASTM D 257 methods, products meet MIL-B-81705C standard and may be used in cleanroom applications.

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Anti-Static Products for Safety, Value and Peace of Mind

CDF Corporation of Plymouth, MA, a quality manufacturer with over 30 years experience as a leader in plastic liners used in many of the world's most popular containers, introduces Antistatic liners and dust covers for drums and pails.

Anti-static products reduce static build-up by dissipating static charges away from potentially flammable product. Anti-static products eliminate dry chemical static cling, especially in containers that must remained covered, according to OSHA standards. Anti-static products protect valuable containers from your product to ensure product purity in older containers.

Anti-static versions of many DrumSaver(TM), PailSaver(TM) and LinerPro(TM) products are available off-the-shelf. Nearly any polyethylene insert, liner or cover manufactured by CDF Corporation can be made from materials containing an anti-static additive that aids in the reduction of static build-up. We test anti-static products for performance using testing methods as set forth by ASTM D 257. We can manufacture two different levels of anti-stat performance as described below. All anti-static liners are made from FDA approved polyethylene and can be used in clean room applications.

ASTM D 257 is the international, active standard that describes the methods used for testing surface resistivity under both MIL-B-81705C and NFPA-99.

NFPA-99 (National Fire Protection Association) standards require the material to be conditioned for 24 hours at 50% ± 2% relative humidity prior to testing and then must meet the static decay time of 0.50 seconds or less at 50% ± 2% relative humidity at a temperature of 23± 1°C.

MIL-B-81705C standards require the material to be conditioned for 24 hours at 12% ± 3% relative humidity and then must meet the 2.0 seconds or less static decay time at 12 ± 3% relative humidity at a temperature of 73°F ± 5°F and a surface resistivity of 1012 or less according to ASTM D257. This requirement represents CDF's highest anti-stat quality and is standard for most 55-gallon DrumSaver(TM) anti-stat products.

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