Anti-Slip Tapes help make any area safer.

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Installed in seconds, Anti-Slip Tapes are suitable for metal or stone stair cases as well as walkways and floor areas that can become slippery when wet, or where there may be food or oil spills. Products are available in bright colors that will alert people to be cautious. Durable and mop-proof, tapes hold up in harsh environments with heavy forklift, truck, and foot traffic, such as office buildings, apartment buildings, and warehouses.

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Anti-Slip Tapes Are Now Available Through Creative Safety Supply

SUMMARY:  Avoid high insurance costs from unnecessary accidents caused by slipping and falling.  Anti-Slip Tape will make any area safer.

Safety in the workplace is a major concern for all businesses.  Insurance costs to both the business and workers go up and productivity goes down when accidents happen within the workplace.  Creative Safety Supply is a leading supplier for a huge collection of safety products that will help make areas safer in workshops, businesses, public places and even in the home.  Anti slip tape for use on walkways and stairwells is just one of the many products now being offered through Creative Safety Supply. 

Anti slip tape is an extremely durable product that can be installed in a matter of seconds onto metal stair cases or stone staircases, walkways, and floor areas that can become slippery when wet, or where there may be food or oil spills.  The tapes can be used for all types of purposes wherever people could possibly slip or fall.  The tapes are available in bright colors that will alert someone to be cautious and there are also options of glow in the dark tape for use in low light areas. 

The anti slip tape is suitable for industrial environments due to the extremely tough, durable and long lasting material.  It will hold up in the harshest environments where there may be a lot of forklift, truck and foot traffic.  The tape is mop-proof and is great for office buildings, apartment building stairs, and for warehouses.  As one apartment manager commented, “Since we have used the anti slip tape on our building stairs, we have received not one complaint of someone falling and hurting themselves.”  A business owner can save lots of money in insurance costs by reducing falling and slipping accidents at an affordable cost of installing anti slip tape.

More information about anti- slip tape and other safety products are available at or call toll-free (866)777-1360.

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