Anti-Seize Technology Slides Ahead with Slickon® GTS Gold

Slickon® GTS Gold Thread Sealant with PTFE is approved for the FFG/BM®/CZ(TM) System Compatible Program

Franklin Park, Illinois-FGG/BM®/CZ(TM) System Compatible Program approves Anti-Seize Technology's (AST) Slickon® GTS Gold as chemically compatible with FlowGuard® Gold and Corzon(TM) water distribution systems and BlazeMaster® fire sprinkler systems. For the last 40 years, billions of feet of FlowGuard® Gold, Corzon(TM), and BlazeMaster® pipe have been installed in millions of hotels, office buildings, apartments, condominiums, and homes all over the world without incident. Now these pipe and sprinkler systems can be installed using Slickon® GTS Gold.

Occasionally there have been instances where Noveon piping systems were damaged when coming in contact with incompatible ancillary products such as thread sealants, leak detectors, fire stops, etc. Thanks to this exclusive Noveon program, installers can simply check the label on the ancillary products for the new FGG/BM®/CZ(TM) System Compatible mark.

"Products face periodic testing to stay on the FGG/ BM®/CZ(TM) list so receiving compatibility approval for Slickon® GTS Gold and staying on the list is a testament to AST's product consistency, quality, and dedication to our customers," says John H. Heydt, AST President.

This exclusive Program confirms Slickon® GTS Gold's chemical compatibility with the following Noveon TempRite® CVPC Products:

o FlowGuard® Gold pipe and fittings
o Corzan(TM) pipe and fittings
o BlazeMaster® pipe and fittings

Slickon® GTS Gold(TM) Product Specifications:
SLICKON® GTS GOLD(TM) is a general-purpose use, heavy-duty, threadsealing compound with paste consistency. It contains no solvents or other ingredients that harm CPVC plastics. Engineered and tested to be FGG/BM®/CZ(TM) system compatible with FlowGuard Gold®, Corzan(TM), and BlazeMaster® pipe and fittings. To be FGG/BM®/CZ(TM) system compatible indicates this product has been tested, and is monitored on an ongoing basis, to assure its chemical compatibility with FlowGuard Gold®, Corzan(TM) and BlazeMaster® pipe and fittings.

SLICKON® GTS Gold Features and Benefits:

o Non-hardening, non-dripping, non-toxic
o Suitable for use with potable water
o Contains no solvents, non-curing
o Connections can be put into service immediately
o Self-lubricating
o Positive seal
o Brush-top applicator available

Temperature/Pressure Ranges: -50º to 500ºF (-45º to 260ºC), up to 8,000 psi (liquids), up to 2,000 psi (gas)

Restrictions: Not for use on oxygen systems or concentrated chlorine.

Applications: May be used on many types of pipe including steel, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, copper, CPVC, PVC, ABS, Polyethylene, and Polypropylene. Recommended for Pipes carrying water, steam, LP, natural gas, refrigerants, dilute caustics, acids, diesel fuel, gasoline, antifreeze, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, concentrated propylene glycol, 50/50 and glycerin at 50/50.

Available In: 1/2 pt bt, 1pt bt, 1qt can, 1qt bt, 1gal can, 5gal pail

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