Anti-Seize Lubricant is designed for threaded parts.

Press Release Summary:

NYPLATE® safe, non-toxic coating forms dry and tack-free film lubricant that seals immediately upon installation. Chemical-resistant product eliminates galling and cold welding while also facilitating disassembly in aggressive industrial environments, even after exposure to temperatures up to 1,292ºF. Dry film lubricant can be selectively or dip spin applied to externally and internally threaded parts and has storage life of up to 4 years.

Original Press Release:

Nylok Features NYPLATE Anti-Seize Lubricant for Threaded Parts

Prevents Galling, Provides Easy Disassembly After High Temperature Exposure:

The NYPLATE® anti-seize dry film lubricant for external and internal threaded parts from Nylok Corporation eliminates galling and cold welding and provides easy disassembly -- even in aggressive industrial environments and after heat exposure up to 1,292ºF (700ºC).

The safe non-toxic coating forms a dry and tack-free film lubricant with sealing properties, seals immediately upon installation and can be selectively or dip spin applied. It is ideal for stainless steel fasteners and has a constant low friction value and good chemical resistance when assembled. NYPLATE features a storage life up to four years and can be applied over the NYLOK BLUE PATCH(TM) and NYTEMP® self-locking elements from Nylok.

A member of the Marmon group of companies, Nylok Corporation holds more patents for innovative fastener technology than any other company. The Macomb, Michigan-based firm also has built a reputation throughout the world for "INNYVATION" in developing new products that solve assembly challenges.

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