Anti-Reflective Coatings are designed for LCD displays.

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Providing abrasion resistance, Optilon(TM) AR coating liquid formulations enable manufacture of single-layer, anti-reflective films for front of LCD displays that help decrease surface reflections. Enabling bright and vivid colors for high definition television picture, single-layer film coatings also allow for smudge-resistant surface, neutral color, low haze, and high light transmission.

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DuPont Launches Optilon(TM) AR Film Coatings for LCD Displays

New Anti-Reflective Film Solutions Provide Better Image Quality, Vivid Color and Cost Advantages for Liquid Crystal Displays

WILMINGTON, Del., May 21 -- DuPont (NYSE:DD) has commercialized a unique line of anti-reflective (AR) film coatings to significantly improve the image contrast and color quality of Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs).

DuPont(TM) Optilon(TM) AR coating solutions are liquid formulations that enable the manufacture of single-layer, anti-reflective films for the front of LCD displays that greatly decrease surface reflections. In addition, they provide abrasion resistance and reduced cost due to a simpler manufacturing process. DuPont believes that Optilon(TM) AR coatings will play a key role in reaching the next level of high definition television (HDTV) picture quality to increase contrast and enable brighter and more vivid colors.

Last year, the company launched DuPont(TM) Optilon(TM) Advanced Composite Reflectors (ACRs), films designed to significantly improve the performance of LCDs by allowing better light utilization and increased display luminance, with lower overall manufacturing cost. Optilon(TM) ACR reflectors are located in the rear of the display backlight, and control the reflection of light to the front of the display with very high efficiency.

"The Optilon(TM) product line is a key advancement for the fast-growing $7 billion optical films industry," said Cynthia C. Green, vice president and general manager - DuPont Fluoroproducts. "With DuPont(TM) Optilon(TM) AR coatings and Optilon(TM) Advanced Composite Reflectors, DuPont now offers solutions for better image quality, efficient power use and reduced cost for the front and back of LCD displays. These are key examples of DuPont innovation providing advanced materials for better displays that are easier to see, more durable and lower cost for consumers."

DuPont believes that an optimum combination of high-performance and cost- effectiveness is critical to push beyond current LCD technology barriers. A key requirement for realizing the next level of LCD performance is cost- effective glare reduction. Incumbent anti-reflective multilayer films are often costly to produce or have lower performance, but single-layer Optilon(TM) AR has the benefit of simplifying the process to lower costs while providing extremely low reflectivity and excellent abrasion resistance. It also allows for a smudge-resistant surface, neutral color, low haze and high light transmission.

In addition to Optilon(TM) AR and ACR, other DuPont materials used in the displays market include:

o Further developments in the company's laser imaging process to replace
photolithography in the manufacture of color filters for LCDs;

o A unique solution-processing of small molecule materials for organic
light emitting diode displays (OLEDs) and a material set including
DuPont(TM) DB hole injection layer and DuPont emitter and charge
transport materials - the essential materials used to make an OLED

o DuPont(TM) Kapton® E polyimide films for very fine pitch circuitry,
superior dimensional stability, high modulus, and easy processing
through chemical etching and laser ablation;

o DuPont(TM) Pyralux® flexible circuit materials that are adhesiveless
flexible laminates enabling sharp, crisp, flawless images;

o DuPont(TM) Riston® dry film photoresists that go into circuit boards
for cell phones and other flexible displays to improve drop resistance
in portable devices;

o DuPont(TM) Zyron® chamber cleaning and etch gases, used for thin-film
plasma processes;

o DuPont(TM) Kalrez® parts used in display and semiconductor
manufacture, which offer outstanding plasma, chemical and thermal
resistance and reduce out gassing and contamination in thermal and wet

o DuPont(TM) Vespel® parts and shapes that improve yields, increase
throughput, reduce consumables and increase manufacturing space, and;

o Films provided by the DuPont Teijin Films joint venture.

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