Anti-Newton Ring Coatings can be UV or thermally cured.

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UV-curable Vueguard® 901 AN, 902 AN, 903 AN, 904 AN, and 907 AN are respectively available for polycarbonate, PMMA (acrylic), PET/PETG, ABS, and glass substrates. Also available, thermal cure Zestguard 907 AN is suitable for glass substrates. All products, exhibiting chemical and abrasion resistance, completely eliminate Newton rings from LCDs, displays, and optical filters.

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PCI Labs Announces New Anti-Newton Ring Coatings!

Bangor, PA

PCI Labs announced today the market introduction of new, high performance Anti-Newton Ring Coatings!

Anti-Newton Ring CoatingsProcessSubstrateVueguard® 901 ANUV-CurablePolycarbonateVueguard® 902 ANUV-CurablePMMA (Acrylic)Vueguard® 903 ANUV-CurablePET/ PETGVueguard® 904 ANUV-CurableABSVueguard® 907 ANUV-CurableGlassZestguard 907 ANThermalGlass

Newton's rings appear as concentric alternating bright and dark rings centered at the point of contact between two surfaces; as in a spherical (lens) and an adjacent flat surface and are irritating while viewing electronic displays. These rainbow color rings are formed when two surfaces are pressed together. They are generated due to the interference between the light waves reflected from the top and bottom surfaces of the "air layer" formed between the lens and the flat sheet. The light rings are caused by constructive interference, while the dark rings by destructive interference. In LCD's, Newton's rings appear by the close contact between the light diffusion plate and light guide.

PCI Labs new Anti-Newton Ring, UV-curable Vueguard® 900 AN series of coatings for optical clear polymeric substrates and glass and the thermal cure Zestguard 907 for glass, offer outstanding chemical and abrasion resistant properties, while completely eliminating the annoying Newton's rings from LCD's, displays and optical filters.

PCI Labs offers high performance, functional coatings in our chemical and world-class coating facility that includes white and clean rooms, to help our customers significantly improve their products' performance. Specifying the right coatings for the right product is PCI Labs top priority and expertise.

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