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Anti-Graffiti Coating repels paint and deters vandals.

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Mar 02, 2004 - Graffiti Proofer Anti-Stick(TM) causes graffiti to run off protected surfaces and makes clean-up equivalent to washing windows. Available as clear coating or in custom colors, it provides high-slip characteristics that cause paint to crawl together and run off surface. Coating is impervious to UV degradation, hydrocarbons, and various chemicals in addition to paints, inks, and dyes. Applications include walls, buildings, bridges, vehicles, restroom partitions, and lockers.

Original Press Release

Finally an Effective Solution for Graffiti

Press release date: Feb 27, 2004

Northridge, CA - February 27, 2004 - SEI Announces world's first graffiti deterrent coating, SEI Graffiti Proofer Anti-Stick(TM).

SEI Chemical today announced the release of the world's most advanced anti-graffiti coating for architectural, commercial and residential applications. The new SEI product called Graffiti Proofer Anti-Stick literally causes graffiti to run off protected surfaces, frustrating the vandals, and making clean-up in most cases as easy as washing a window.

"This product is truly the next generation of ant-graffiti coatings" said Ross Sklar, President of SEI, "If you want total protection for those areas most likely to be tagged, this is it".

Graffiti Proofer Anti-Stick is a high-performance and extremely durable coating providing extremely high-slip characteristics. When a tagger attempts to vandalize a structure protected with Anti-Stick, the paint will crawl together and run off the surface, deterring the vandal from continuing further. Unique chemistry makes the Graffiti Proofer Anti-Stick coating impervious to UV degradation, hydrocarbons, and a wide variety of chemicals, not to mention paints, inks, and dyes.

"SEI's Graffiti Proofer Anti-Stick is extremely versatile, and can be used on a wide variety of surfaces." said Dan Rosenblat, COO of SEI. "It can be used to protect walls, buildings, bridges and overpasses, vehicles of all types, restroom partitions, lockers, and many, many more surfaces where graffiti is a problem. And because it comes either as a clear-coat or in a variety of custom colors, it can easily be incorporated into an existing design".

In 1998, SEI Chemical, then a relatively new firm, produced a graffiti solution that was approved by the State of California and applied to the five billion dollar Alameda Corridor project. SEI invented a leading-edge solution that protected all 35 miles (6,000,000 sq/ft) of concrete from Long Beach to Los Angeles, making it the largest graffiti protected structure in the world. SEI also designed another unique product for the project called the SEI Graffiti Proofer & Curing Agent. This two- in-one product both cured the concrete and protected it from graffiti in one step. Ron Tutor of Tutor-Saliba, the contractor that built the Alameda corridor, explained "By utilizing SEI's unique graffiti solutions our firm saved a substantial amount of money." When graffiti is applied to the surface of the concrete, maintenance personnel simply applies one of SEI's non-toxic biodegradable cleaners to the tagged area and then the vandalism can be wiped away. Five years and thousands of attempted graffiti tags later, the Alameda Corridor is still graffiti free.

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