Anti-Fog Coatings are designed for plastic lenses/windows.

Press Release Summary:

Vueguard® 931-AF, 932-AF, and 933-AF allow display lenses or windows to withstand increased levels of moisture and heat without fogging. Along with abrasion resistance and optical clarity, these solvent based, UV-curable coatings exhibit degree of surface slip that facilitates surface cleaning. Vueguard 931-AF is suited for gauges and lenses, and all fog-resistant coatings suit applications such as marine, appliances, aerospace, and equipment indicating units.

Original Press Release:

PCI Announces New Anti-Fog Coatings

West Caldwell, N.J. - May 18, 2007 - Performance Coatings International, an industry leader in specialty coatings for plastic materials, has announced a new, improved fog resistant coatings, a major upgrade to PCI's Vueguard 901® family of solvent based, UV-curable coatings for plastic.

The new Vueguard® 931-AF/ 932 -AF and 933-AF fog resistant coatings allow a display lens or window to withstand greater moisture levels, and heat conditions without fogging with included abrasion resistance properties. In addition to providing superior fog resistance, the new formulation provides enhanced optical clarity, an important property in display applications, and features better "surface slip," which makes the surface easier to clean. "The Vueguard 931-AF coating solves the perplexing problems equipment designers face with fogging gauges and lenses. PCI's anti-fog coatings are ideal in applications such as marine, appliances, aerospace and equipment indicating units" said George E. Drazinakis, President of Performance Coatings International.

PCI's line of industry standard coatings also features high abrasion and chemical resistant, antiglare, antistatic, high diffusion, Anti-Newton ring and other high performance coatings. PCI provides custom coatings of sheet and molded plastics, fabrication of display windows and lenses, the Chromafilter ® contrast enhancement filter materials , EMI Shielding Windows, VideoFilter face panels , Vueguard 901® high performance coatings , TopPro® screen-applied coatings and CF-133, CF-134, Chromafuse, Transguard and Panel-Tex thermal coatings for plastics. Visit PCI's web site at or for more information.

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