Anti-Counterfeiting Collaboration Offers Easy Verification for Fake Drugs and Medication Errors

SAN JOSE, CA- Umetrics, a data analysis company providing quality management solutions for pharmaceutical manufacturing, is partnering with InfraTrac to protect patients against counterfeit drugs. InfraTrac offers spectroscopic solutions that use in-dose fingerprinting for anti-counterfeiting and to prevent medication errors in hospitals.

"Umetrics' SIMCA-P+ software makes InfraTrac's verification system both hardware-independent and easy to use," InfraTrac CEO Sharon Flank said. Umetrics provides tools for quality management, in support of FDA's Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) requirements.

InfraTrac uses spectroscopic fingerprinting to distinguish "Right Drug, Right Dose," real from fake, supplier from supplier, even batch from batch. Tiny changes are detected by a handheld spectrometer and enhanced using Umetrics' data management software. These minimal changes require no new FDA approval, since the alterations fall within the SUPAC level 1 guidelines for Scale-Up and Post-Approval Changes. A simple, two-second inspection verifies the dispensed drug.

About Umetrics

Umetrics is a leading-edge software company that supplies data analysis software and training courses in multivariate analysis and design of experiments. Umetrics provide solutions for both off-line and on-line applications to a broad range of companies, particularly for the pharmaceutical, biotech and chemical sectors. Umetrics, with offices in Europe and the USA, is a subsidiary of MKS Instruments, Inc. (NASDAQ: MKSI), a worldwide provider of monitoring and control technologies. For more information, please visit


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About InfraTrac

InfraTrac is a product protection company with innovative anti-counterfeiting technology. InfraTrac uses spectroscopy to detect and prevent counterfeiting of high value formulated and regulated substances including pharmaceuticals, chemicals and consumer products. InfraTrac's platform includes counterfeit detection using a simple yes-no interface, and encryption software, which enables tagging of client substances, even at the batch level, using patent-pending covert NIR fingerprints. Easy-to-use field verification makes it possible to check throughout the supply chain.

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