Anti-Ballistic Glazing offers optimal bullet resistance.

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Suited for military and security applications, AeroLite Armor NIJ Level III-rated Glazing is manufactured with MAKROLON® AR1 polycarbonate sheet, which offers resistance against abrasion and UV, preventing yellowing and hazing. It is available in flat and curved designs with Deerfield urethane inner layer. Less than 2 in. thick, lightweight product delivers 75-77% light transmission, making is suitable for combat vehicles, flight control towers, and federal buildings.

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Aerolite Armor Anti-Ballistic Glazing Delivers Dependable Bullet Resistance With Durable Makrolon® Polycarbonate Sheet Construction

Sheffield, MA-February 1, 2008-Llamas Plastics, Inc., a provider of high-quality security glazing products, has introduced AeroLite Armor NIJ Level III rated anti-ballistic glazing with heightened bullet resistance for critical military and security applications. AeroLite Armor is manufactured with MAKROLON® AR1 polycarbonate sheet, a product of Sheffield Plastics Inc., a Bayer MaterialScience Company. With this robust component, AeroLite Armor has withstood long and short-term abrasion and field testing to deliver the proven hardest surface of any polycarbonate sheet in the industry.

MAKROLON AR1 polycarbonate sheet couples glass-like surface hardness with the impact strength of polycarbonate. This durable sheet offers dependable resistance against abrasion and UV, preventing yellowing and hazing for longer service life in high-profile applications. Especially significant is the weight advantage MAKROLON provides, as AeroLite Armor weighs 25-30 percent less than comparable products and is less than 2 inches thick. Its lightweight MAKROLON construction makes AeroLite Armor easier to apply and use while providing rugged, reliable protection for combat vehicles, flight control towers, federal buildings and other sensitive locations.

"AeroLite Armor with MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet delivers superior protection in military, industrial and commercial applications where the threat of terror or bullet penetration is a concern," said Cindy Smith, Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Llamas Plastics. "AeroLite Armor offers exceptional bullet resistance while delivering 75-77 percent light transmission-one of the highest rates in the industry. When competitive products can become totally obscured, AeroLite Armor panels remain visible for a potentially life-saving advantage."

AeroLite Armor with MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet has been certified by independent test labs to meet and exceed the requirements of the NIJ Level III requirements, withstanding a severe test that demands multi-hit impacts with both 7.62 NATO ball-M80 (7.62 x 51 mm) and 5.56 M193 Ball (5.56 x 45mm). It is available in both flat and curved designs and, with its Deerfield urethane inner layer, provides advanced adhesive power and ultra-clarity.

"The durable qualities and flexible features of the polycarbonate sheet allow it to easily conform to meet various security glazing needs," Smith said. "AeroLite Armor's increased visibility and weight-saving advantage makes it ideal for use in gun port applications, and it's high performance and robust MAKROLON construction is well suited for logistical housing and command centers. Plus, it offers reliable protection at a competitive price."

For more information on Llamas Plastics, Inc., contact Cindy Smith at 818-362-0371; email; write 12970 Bradley Avenue, Sylmar, CA 91342; or visit

Sheffield Plastics, a Bayer MaterialScience Company, is the global leader in high performance plastics. Sheffield continues its leadership in polycarbonate technology with new processes, product innovations and superior optics. For more information, contact Sheffield Plastics, Inc. at 1-800-254-1707; fax 1-800-457-3553; write 119 Salisbury Road, Sheffield, MA 01257; or visit

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