Annealing System operates without cooling water.

Press Release Summary:

Integrating IR gold image furnace, heating chamber, and temperature controller, MILA-700AR Mini Lamp Annealing System utilizes air cooling system rather than cooling water and accommodates samples up to 20 x 20 x 2.0 mm. Desktop system, measuring 360 x 300, x 310 mm, reaches max temperature of 800°C. Temperature recipe can be input though PC via USB, and temperature data can be displayed on PC during heating. Operating from 100 Vac/15 A, MILA-700AR is suited for heating silicon and compound wafers.

Original Press Release:

Ulvac Develops 'MILA-700AR' Mini Lamp Annealing System, Heats Without Cooling Water

Tokyo, - ULVAC-RIKO, Inc., a meember of ULVAC group, has developed and will market a desktop type lamp heating instrument MILA-700AR, equipped with infrared gold image furnace without using cooling water, from June, 2011.

Conventional MILA is equipped with a cooling water circulation unit to cool down elevated temperatures of furnace bodies since this is used for rapid heating of Silicon wafers and compounds wafers. It requires a maximum electricity of 7kW for heating and cooling, and is required to lower power consumption.

Thus, ULVAC-RIKO has developed 'Mini Lamp Annealing System, MILA-700AR' which does not use cooling water.

The features, applications and specification are as follows.


1. Adopt air cooling system by air cooling fan (without using cooling water)

2. Enable to use AC100V 15A, household wall plug.

3. Desktop type, integrated with heating furnace, heating chamber and temperature controller.

4. Rapid heating/cooling in clean atmosphere by infrared gold image furnace.

5. Temperature recipe can be input with PC through USB.

6. Possible to display data of temperature on PC during heating. (Possible to save data with Text file)

7. The digital gas flow meter is equipped as standard, and N2 gas, Ar gas or dry air shall be selectable.


1. Rapid heating of Si wafers and compounds wafers.

2. Rapid heating of electronics materials, like substrate in optical CVD.

3. Heat treatment of glass substrates, ceramics and compounds materials.

4. Thermal cycle test

5. Annealing of metallic materials.

6. Heat resistance evaluation of coated films.

7. Heating/drying of organic materials and resin materials


1. Temp. range : RT approx 700 degrees C (MAX 800 degree C) 2. Max. heating speed : RT approx 700 degrees C 25 degree C/s (non-controled full power heating)(Average heating speed between RT approx 700 degrees C)

3. Temp. Uniformity: Ch. 10 degrees C at 700 degrees C

4. Atmosphere: Air, Vacuum, Inert gas

5. Sample Size: 20mm (W) x 20mm (L) x 2.0mm (t) MAX.

6. Temp. control sensor: JIS K-thermocouple

7. Lamp rating: Infrared lamp 100V 375W, 4 pieces

8. Standard safety items: Control of thermocouple disconnection, Control of thermocouple against overtemperature, Failure of surface temperature of furnace, Air cooling fan stop)

9. Size of instrument: 360mm(W) x 300mm(D) x 310mm(H) (except for the protruding parts)


1. Required power: AC100V 15A grounded outlet

2. Weight of instrument: 21kg

3. List price: JPY1,580,000

4. Sales volume in the first year: 120 units

5. Release date: June, 2011

ULVAC-RIKO is pursuing development of the energy saving product to contribute to the measures of global warming.


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