Angular Vibration Table has bench-top compatible design.

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Used for testing of inertial sensors and other electromechanical devices, portable 105-AVT features low-noise linear amplifier, ultra-high fidelity motion, and virtually no structural dynamics. Various Units Under Test (UUTs) can be attached to flexible mounting pattern on tabletop. Along with angular acceleration sensor and safe operation detection, features include greater than 1,000 radians/sec² peak acceleration, ±5° displacement, and flat acceleration response.

Original Press Release:

ACUTRONIC Releases New Angular Vibration Table 105-AVT

With this new Angular Vibration Table ACUTRONIC specifically addresses the increasing needs of sensor manufacturers for angular vibration testing. In the advent of small and inexpensive inertial components such as accelerometers, gyroscopes and their various combinations, ACUTRONIC identified an increasing need for their characterization applying short stroke angular excitation with high bandwidths in the range of several kHz. Our 105-AVT is designed to be portable and therefore ideally suited to bench-top testing. Other specific features include a low noise linear amplifier, ultra-high fidelity motion and, thanks to the unique mechanical build, virtually no structural dynamics. Various Units Under Test (UUT) can be attached to the flexible mounting pattern on the tabletop. The Angular Vibration Table 105-AVT is going to be the test-table of choice for inertial sensors or other electro-mechanical devices measuring angular motion. Along with the mechanical assembly comes the AVT interface module. It is a unique solution for rotary vibration and provides all of the electronics required to safely drive and monitor a vibration system such as the 105-AVT over its full dynamic range. The bench-top module offers a rugged form factor that is portable and easily connected to the vibration table and to third party (analog) vibration controllers.

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