Andrea Electronics Join Forces with IBM to Integrate Andrea's Voice Technology with IBM Watson Assistant Solutions

Andrea Electronics and IBM working together to create a better voice experience

BOHEMIA, N.Y., Nov. 12, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Andrea Electronics Corporation (ANDR) (Andrea), a pioneer of digital array microphones and noise reduction software, announced today that it is now an OEM microphone technology provider for Watson™ Assistant Solutions, IBM's IoT AI assistant portfolio for enterprises.

The company specializes in optimizing the performance of voice-driven applications. Certified by IBM Watson Internet of Things (IoT) engineers, Andrea's array microphone technology is now a frontend solution for Watson Assistant voice applications. Andrea technology will be marketed to OEMs, ODMs, enterprise and industrial customers that need a robust voice capture capability.

Designed to enhance the intelligibility of natural language processing systems, Andrea's technology, embedded with the Watson client, is better able to understand far-field speech in real world environments. Andrea's echo cancelation software also provides support for the custom trigger phrase (the "wake" word) for initiating the conversation and for barge-in functionality.

Kendra DeKeyrel, Director of Watson Assistant Solutions offerings at IBM, stated "Watson Assistant is an entirely new way for businesses to connect with their customers. The best conversational AI in the world may not matter if the user cannot seamlessly talk to it. We are fortunate to work with Andrea Electronics, their technology and their experience to set the bar for enterprise grade digital assistant devices."

"Andrea is proud to support IBM once again with our world class microphone solutions. From the introduction of our noise canceling headsets for IBM's Via-Voice in the 1990's, to our new array microphones for Watson Assistant Solutions, we are excited to now assist in powering the future of the Internet of Things," said Douglas Andrea, CEO of Andrea Electronics Corporation.

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An American Innovator
Andrea is an American-owned business since 1934. In the 60's the company produced the astronaut audio system for the Project Mercury NASA space program, as well as avionic intercom systems used in F-16 fighter jets and military helicopters. Our microphone array and advanced digital noise cancellation technologies have been embedded into, automated teller machines, customer service kiosks, robots, intercom systems, mass transit buses, trains and police cruisers as well as millions of computers.

Most recently Andrea's DA-250 digital array microphone was selected by Airbus for incorporation into CIMON, the first virtual assistant robot with Artificial Intelligence (AI) provided by IBM Watson, and is now operating as part of the "Horizons" project on the International Space Station.

About Andrea Electronics
Andrea Electronics Corporation designs, develops and manufactures audio technologies and equipment for enhancing applications requiring high performance quality voice input. The company's patented Digital Super Directional Array (DSDA™), patented PureAudio™ and patented EchoStop™ far-field microphone technologies enhance a wide range of audio products to eliminate background noise and ensure the optimum performance of voice applications. Visit Andrea Electronics' website at

CONTACT: Media Contact: Corisa L. Guiffre, Andrea Electronics, Chief Financial Officer, (631) 719-1800, (800) 707-5779

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