Andax's Transformer Containment Bagâ„¢ is Named 2020 New Product of the Year in the Lifting Safety Category by Occupational Health & Safety Magazine

ST. MARYS, Kan., Jan. 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Occupational Health & Safety magazine has announced that Andax's Transformer Containment Bag™ (TCB) has been awarded 2020 New Product of the Year in the Lifting Safety category.

The Transformer Containment Bag™ is designed to prevent environmental contamination caused by leaking electric distribution transformers and to ensure line crew safety.

The TCB completely contains electric utility transformers, while allowing complete access to the transformer manufacturer's lifting lugs, thus allowing crews to use the lugs to safely lift, move and store leaking and non-leaking transformers. When crews utilize the lugs, the load is balanced and in compliance with OSHA regulations. Since the transformer is completely encapsulated, crews can prevent spills while the transformer is being lifted, moved, or stored, making it compliant with DOT regulations.

The TCB features a clear flexible duffle. When down, crew members can perform maintenance such as removing oil, testing procedures and documentation while the transformer is still contained. When the duffle is up, the transformer is 100% encapsulated and a weatherproof storage solution.

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