Ancillary Services enhance patient continuity of care.

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Delivery of on-site diagnostic and therapeutic services strategically assists physicians in providing patients with community-based healthcare resources. From staffing and training to ongoing monitoring of regulatory and compliance issues, ClarigoMed manages services on behalf of physicians, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on providing optimal care for their patients.

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Clarigomed, LLC, Ushers In Innovative Practice Approach to Enhance Continuity of Care with Ancillary Services

CHICAGO, IL (January 15, 2004) - ClarigoMed, LLC, offers physicians the innovative practice approach to capture lost revenue opportunities and enhance patient continuity of care through the delivery of on-site diagnostic and therapeutic services.

ClarigoMed strategically assists physicians to develop ancillary therapeutic and diagnostic care, providing patients with convenient community-based healthcare resources. After a thorough practice analysis, ClarigoMed determines whether a practice meets the appropriate parameters. From staffing and training to the ongoing monitoring of regulatory and compliance issues, ClarigoMed helps physicians take advantage of providing these additional ancillary and diagnostic services. ClarigoMed manages these services on behalf of the physician, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on providing optimal care for their patients.

"Trends in healthcare are creating opportunities for physicians," says Joel Brill, MD, President of ClarigoMed. "As the baby-boomer population ages, patients continue to seek out physicians who can meet their healthcare needs. ClarigoMed assists physicians to improve diagnostic and therapeutic care for their patients."

ClarigoMed's approach to improving care is unique. Patients receive convenient and exceptional continuity of care. Insurance payers recognize the need to enhance continuity of care. With ClarigoMed, physicians are better able to monitor patient progress in real time, making it easier to determine the appropriate care.

"We elected to partner with ClarigoMed because, first and foremost, they are a physician-friendly company," said John H. Mahon, MD. Mahon, a partner in Scottsdale Orthopaedic Surgeons, Ltd., states, "As a company with physicians in senior management, ClarigoMed understands the needs of physicians and their patients."

"Physicians benefit from a company that has the expertise to ensure that the supervision and billing requirements comply with today's complex regulatory standards," states Robert Back, Chief Regulatory Officer of ClarigoMed. "Physicians can earn additional revenue by meeting patient demands for services provided under their supervision. This makes ClarigoMed's services extremely attractive to physicians."

"In over a decade of providing diagnostic testing for physicians nationwide, we saw an unfulfilled need," said Mitchell Rubin, CEO of ClarigoMed. "Physicians needed help to create a platform to provide continuity of care for their patients, and ClarigoMed is meeting that need. We believe that in the next decade ClarigoMed has the potential to rival other national healthcare providers in its size of opportunity."

Diagnostic testing and therapy services are a multi-billion dollar industry. Rubin's most recent healthcare venture, ZT Technical Services, LLC, grew to be the nation's largest provider of in-office diagnostic testing services in less than five years.

ClarigoMed projects that practice-based ancillary care will play a vital role in serving the growing needs of patients and physicians. With over a century of combined experience in healthcare practice management and administration, ClarigoMed has the experience to usher in innovative solutions for physicians' practices to meet future needs.

Headquartered in Arlington Heights, Illinois, the company has additional offices in Boca Raton, Florida and Scottsdale, Arizona. For additional information, call 866.4 CLARIGO or visit the Web site at

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