Analyzer/Software Package monitors data bi-directionally.

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I-Spy32 Serial Communications Analyzer includes software and I-Spy box, which together provide debugging and diagnostic tools that aid in troubleshooting problems with hardware, software, cables, connectors, and logic instructions. System includes GUI interface, 32-bit Microsoft Windows functionality, access to any COM port available to workstation, support for DLL-based Protocol Filters, and enable/disable monitor mode within software.

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MSE - Tetragenics Releases I-Spy32

Butte, MT - April 5, 2004 - MSE - Tetragenics, a leading monitoring and control company, has announced the release of the I-Spy32 Serial Communications Analyzer. The I-Spy32 is an analyzer software package, which includes software and the I-Spy box, a compact unit that allows easy connection between two serial devices. Working together, the package offers powerful debugging and diagnostic tools that aid in troubleshooting problems with hardware, software, cables, connectors or logic instructions.

The I-Spy32 is the next generation Windows version of the popular I-Spy. I-Spy32 has expanded debugging capabilities, more diagnostic tools, filters, and additional options and features. The I-Spy32 also now supports any COM port available on the workstation.

"The I-Spy32 monitors data bi-directionally, both transmitted and received, and allows the user to pinpoint the serial communication problems faster - that is what is important to our customers," said Steve Ostenburg, Senior Project Engineer for MSE - Tetragenics. "By reviewing and analyzing the messages displayed on the screen, users can quickly detect problems and troubleshoot the devices."

The I-Spy32 has many new features not present in the earlier DOS version, including a new GUI interface; 32 bit Microsoft Windows functionality; access to any COM Port available to the workstation (not just COM1 & COM2); support for DLL based Protocol Filters which presently includes Modbus and DNP 3.0 protocols (DOS version does not have protocol filters); enhanced configuration of colors and settings; and enable/disable monitor mode within the software.

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