Analyzer measures oxygen, nitrogen, and hydrogen.

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Model EMGA 620W/SP is combination of O2/N analyzer and H analyzer using same extraction furnace, balance, and computer system. It uses standard conventional methods for analysis of extracted gases and controls all operating and analysis modes. O2 is determined using IR detector, while N and H are measured using thermal conductivity detectors. Product allows either helium or argon gas to be selected, and applies constant purge flow during measurement.

Original Press Release:

New Combined Oxygen/Nitrogen/Hydrogen Analyzer

To address the needs of laboratories measuring a variety of samples, especially new materials, as well as steel and metals, HORIBA Jobin Yvon introduces a unique combined analyzer to measure Oxygen, Nitrogen and Hydrogen with the same instrument. The EMGA 620W/SP is the combination of an O/N analyzer and an H analyzer using the same extraction furnace, balance and computer system. Software controls all operating and analysis modes for O/N/H analysis. The combination of these modules provides very accurate measurements, since all extracted gases are analyzed by standard conventional methods. O is determined using an infrared detector while N and H are measured using thermal conductivity detectors (TCD). The gas flow is also innovative, as either helium or argon gas can be selected, and constant purge flow is applied during measurement with the other carrier gas. With such flexible solutions, a complete answer can be offered to fulfill customer expectations.

Finally, this new system benefits from the highly acclaimed feature of current EMGA models for the determination of ideal measurement conditions using such features as the multi-step programmable temperature curve and double sample and flux introduction mechanism.

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