Analog I/O Board features autocalibration technology.

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Without requiring user intervention or software, DMM-32X-AT analog I/O PC/104 module has all intelligence and control necessary for calibration process on board. This enables board to calibrate itself in response to user-programmable delta in ambient temperature. Built-in RS-232/485 serial port and on-board microcontroller are provided for remote communications, enabling device to be used standalone, without CPU.

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Automatic Autocalibration Gives Embedded Analog I/O Board Improved Accuracy

PC/104 Module Utilizes Patented Technology to Maintain Calibration Automatically over Entire Lifetime

Newark, CA - March 2, 2005 - Diamond Systems Corporation, a leading supplier of embeddable computer and I/O boards, today announced the availability of the DMM-32X-AT analog I/O PC/104 module. The board uses Diamonds Systems' patented "Automatic Autocalibration" technology (US patent no. 6,281,818) to automatically calibrate itself whenever needed without any user intervention.

The auto-autocal feature of DMM-32X-AT represents a major step forward in embedded analog I/O technology. While other analog I/O boards contain autocalibration circuitry on board, they require application software to manage the calibration process. This creates support problems for customers using operating systems or programming languages not directly supported by the board manufacturer. DMM-32X-AT, however, contains all the intelligence and control needed for the calibration process directly on board. This means it can calibrate itself whenever needed, in response to a user-programmable delta in ambient temperature. No software or user intervention is required. The board is completely self-sustaining, resulting in carefree accurate analog measurements over the lifetime of the product.

Another unique feature of DMM-32X-AT is its built-in RS-232/485 serial port and on-board microcontroller for remote communications. This enables the DMM-32X-AT to be used standalone as a remote measuring device with no CPU required. All board features can be accessed over the serial port just as they would via I/O commands in a standard CPU + I/O configuration. The board has 32 analog inputs with 16-bit A/D and 250KHz sample rate, 4 analog outputs with 12-bit D/A and 100KHz waveform output capability, 24 digital I/O lines, 2 counter/timers, and an operating temperature range from -40 to +85oC. Diamond Systems' free Universal Driver programming software is included, which supports Linux, Windows 98/2000/XP/Xpe/CE.NET, DOS, QNX, and VxWorks.

DMM-32X-AT is 100% backward compatible with Diamond Systems' industry-leading DMM-32-AT board, which is already used around the world in industrial, military, aerospace, medical, and scientific applications. The DMM-32X-AT module can act as a drop-in replacement, providing an instant upgrade for improved performance due to its faster sample rate, lower noise, larger A/D sample FIFO, D/A waveform capability, and auto-autocal feature.

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About Diamond Systems Corp.

Diamond Systems, founded in 1989, was one of the first computer peripheral manufacturers to adopt the PC/104 embedded computing standard. Today the company is a leading supplier of PC/104 CPU, data acquisition, serial port, and power supply modules to the embedded market. The company also designs custom CPU and I/O boards.

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