Analog/Digital Modules aid data acquisition and control.

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Comprised of analog and digital devices, I-7000, M-7000, and ET-7000 series offer data acquisition and control functionality designed to meet challenges of instantaneous feedback, remote control, and accurately synchronized communication networks. Models of I-7000 series utilize RS-485 communication, while M-7000 series use Modbus protocol. Each remote Ethernet I/O module of ET-7000 series integrates its own web server. All series interface with EZ Data Logger software.

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ICP DAS USA Introduces the ET-7000, M-7000 and I-7000 Series

ICP-DAS USA is proud to offer the I-7000, M-7000 and ET-7000 series including Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and standard RS-485 protocols. These three related lines of analog and digital devices collectively represent a force of data acquisition and control functionality. Modern industrial, civil and academic projects are highly integrated and technologically dependent, requiring instantaneous feedback, remote control and accurately synchronized communication networks. The carefully designed models in the I-7000, M-7000 and ET-7000 series are ready to deliver on these challenges.

The models of the I-7000 series can be your electrical eyes and ears on site while allowing you the flexibility and comfort of remote monitoring and control via RS-485 communication. A wide array of both analog and digital models is available, searchable through our website. Models come in a variety of channel configurations for your specific volume needs and boast high sampling rates and resolutions. The units provide substantial over-voltage protection. All the members of the I-7000, as well as the M-7000 and ET-7000, interface smoothly with our free EZ Data Logger which allows remote monitoring and control with zero programming experience required, simply interfacing with mouse clicks and data-window entries. This powerful software tool supports DCON and Modbus protocols and can engage many I/O tags simultaneously and even send out sms or email alarms when values pass certain thresholds.

Our M-7000 line is identical to I-7000 line, but offers communication via Modbus protocol, which has gained popularity due to its ease of deployment and freedom from restrictions afforded by moving raw bits.

With our ET-7000 series, the power of the Internet is liberated from major workstations and implanted within compact, on-site devices, facilitating a scope of applications. This is possible because each of the remote Ethernet I/O modules that comprise the ET-7000 line comes equipped with its own web server. One of many possible implementations would automate emergency warning systems for tunnels by linking devices within the tunnel like cameras, smoke sensors and transmitters to LED road signs, warning drivers of possible hazards while simultaneously alerting staff.

To learn more about the variety of ideas and real projects integrated with ICP DAS hardware, visit our website at, or give us a call, toll free, at 1-888-971-9888 and one of our engineers would be happy to assist in reviewing the project requirements, ensuring that the highest quality solution is present in your final application.

ICP DAS USA is a cost effective leader in the US industrial market; offering a stunningly competitive price/performance ratio, while catering to the latest solutions for current industrial trends. We are a Fast Growing Provider of High Quality Industrial Data Acquisition Systems and Control Products! Our Mission: We seek to provide our customers with cost effective, flexible, and easy to use solutions for their Data Acquisition and Embedded Control Applications. ICP DAS USA provides a great variety of products with modular and universal solutions for any scale application or projects.

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