An Upgrade in QUAKERAL® Coolant Technology Sums up to Increased Savings

Demonstrating a proactive approach to continuous improvement, a joint effort was undertaken by Quaker Chemical (NYSE: KWR) and an automotive customer to upgrade the metalworking fluid in a major automotive engine plant to QUAKERAL® 381 SD, a new, more technologically advanced coolant. With the impact of this upgrade, Quaker was able to reduce the customer's processing costs by 25% and improve bio-stability and non- foaming characteristics of the coolant.

QUAKERAL 381 SD is an emulsifiable metalworking fluid possessing a unique balance of advanced raw materials engineered to deliver high-performance, heavy-duty machining and grinding performance attributes that require a high degree of lubricity, cleanliness, cooling and corrosion protection. Specific to this particular application, QUAKERAL 381 SD was successfully utilized to hone V-8 and V-10 cast iron cylinder bores in the automotive engines.

Even though QUAKERAL 381 SD was more expensive than the previous metalworking fluid technology in use, the applied cost and overall processing costs were significantly reduced. Quantified efficiency gains were documented to illustrate distinctive advantages directly associated with coolant consumption, additive usage, extended tool life and a decline in filter media expenditures. Overall, the improved Quaker coolant was able to save the automotive customer $74,000 annually in metalworking fluid spend and reduce coolant usage by 9,695 gallons.

This is just one example of how Quaker continues to uncover innovative methods in dedicated services and metalworking fluid technology to improve efficiencies and lower overall processing costs. For more information on Quaker Chemical, and its full product line offerings including Chemical Management Services for the automotive industry, please visit

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