An Expansive Cooling Line from Allegro Industries

GARDEN GROVE, CA - Stay comfortable and productive while working in hot environments with Allegro's comprehensive line of Cooling Products. Choose from among a variety of items such as the Cooling Vests, Cool Offs, Doo Rags, Bandanas, Cooling Fan Mist Kit, and the Hydration Back Pack.

Cooling Vests offer on-the-job flexibility and comfort with eight different models. Depending on the environment, the Vortex Cooling Vest may be adjusted to provide warm or cool air; the Air Cooling Vest and Flame Retardant Vortex Cooling Vest may be connected to any clean compressed air source and may be worn under protective clothing; the Standard Vest for Cooling Inserts is ideal to wear under HazMat suits; the Standard Cooling Vest and Economy Poncho Cooling Vest may be soaked in cold water to provide all-day comfort. Vests are durable, breathable, lightweight, and available in a variety of safety colors. For ultimate protection Flame/Heat Retardant vests are available in both the Standard Vest for Cooling Inserts version and the Standard Cooling Vest style.

Our popular lightweight Cool Offs can be worn around the neck or tied as a headband. Our unique closure allows for a secure fit. The outer shell is 100% cotton and comes in a variety of patterns and colors, including: digital camouflage, royal blue, royal blue with Velcro closures, American Flag, orange, cowboy black and orange, and cowboy blue or red. These products feature a unique non-toxic polymer fabric that when activated by water allow the crystal composite to absorb and lock in cool moisture for 24-72 hours. Best of all, Cool Offs are reusable. For ultimate cooling, just soak in cold water and refrigerate.

Other Cooling Products include the new Doo Rag, the Deluxe Neck Cooling Wraps with adjustable Velcro® closures, and three styles of Cooling Neck Shades. These products are ideal for any work environment or recreational activity. The Hard Hat Cooling Liner and Cooling Skull Cap attaches with an elastic Velcro closure. Our Cooling Beanies and full head Bandana can be worn alone or under a hat.

De-hydration is a constant worry for those working in hot, dry environments, and Allegro's Hydration Back Pack offers a personal water source in a comfortable, low-profile backpack, allowing complete hands-free mobility. The Back Pack features the Soft Gulp(TM) Valve, a comfortable locking mouthpiece that provides a high volume flow of water or an energy drink without leaking, and the large opening on the reservoir provides easy filling and cleaning.

Allegro celebrates twenty-three years in the safety business. Founded in 1987, Allegro Industries, Garden Grove, California, offers a full line of safety equipment and ergonomic products for the workplace. For more information, please call (800) 622-3530, fax (800) 362-7231, or visit Allegro Industries, 7221 Orangewood Ave., Garden Grove, CA, 92841.

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