AMTRAK Awards New Contracts to FSM

Milford, DE – First State Manufacturing announces that they have been awarded two new multi-year contracts with Amtrak to provide repair and refurbishment of upholstered needs and to operate a distribution center supplying new cushions for the Amtrak fleet.

"We have worked closely with Amtrak for the past few years to determine how First State Manufacturing could streamline manufacturing processes, provide quality work and satisfy the tremendous needs of Amtrak.   We have successfully been manufacturing and delivering new cushions, cutting carpet and shipping with on-time delivery and this is an extension of that work," said President and CEO Dave Hitchens. 

"We know that Amtrak refurbishes every car in their fleet every four years.  It is a constant and demanding need," said Scott Crothers, Vice President of Marketing, "When we visited Amtrak in Indianapolis, we learned what goes into that process, we looked for efficiencies and savings and have been able to demonstrate to Amtrak that First State Manufacturing can provide a high level of service and production at a good price." 

Mr. Hitchens commented, "Amtrak serves nearly 31 million passengers averaging almost 85,000 daily passengers, causing a great amount of wear and tear on their fleet.  First State Manufacturing is very excited to now be contributing to the effort of providing comfort to every one of Amtrak’s passengers. "

First State Manufacturing currently works with Amtrak on a smaller scale as well as manufacturing proprietary products and working with other partners that include the North Carolina Department of Transportation operated by RailPlan, Massachusetts Transit operated by Keolis, Washington-Metro Area Transit Authority and  both national and international military partners that include the manufacture of V22 Osprey seats, plugs and covers; C130 cargo aircraft seating solutions; C5 aircraft refurbishment; missile and truck covers, covers and upholstery for amusement park rides and pharmaceutical supplies.  

"In addition to adding the custom cut and sewing of new cushion covers, foam fabrication, rehabilitating existing cushions and carpet cutting for Amtrak, First State Manufacturing is in the process of reallocating existing space and renovating the other half of our 75,000 square foot facility in order to house the new distribution center which will double the footprint of our workable space," said Mr. Hitchens.  "We have been planning for this for over a year; hiring and training new sewers and production technicians, working with our community partners to plan for our renovations and planning with our vendors for the requirements of the additional work we’ll be undertaking.  We are changing the face of manufacturing in Delaware and we are continuing to grow." 

To learn more about First State Manufacturing, go to, or contact 302 424 4520.

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