Amtech Announces Next Generation Solar PECVD Order in July

PECVD Backlog Now Totals 1.4GW and Includes PECVD/ALD Package Solution for PERC Cells

TEMPE, Ariz. - Amtech Systems, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASYS), a global supplier of production equipment and related supplies for the solar, semiconductor, and LED markets, today announced its solar subsidiary, Tempress Systems, Inc., has received an order in July of approximately 400MW for its next generation solar PECVD systems. The order is from a top tier solar cell manufacturer in Asia and is expected to ship within the next six to nine months.  Amtech reports that its backlog of PECVD systems now totals approximately 1.4 gigawatts of cell capacity.  The backlog also includes an order from a top tier cell manufacturer for Amtech's high efficiency PERC package solution that combines Tempress' PECVD and SoLayTec's ALD systems.

About Amtech Systems, Inc.

Amtech Systems, Inc. is a global supplier of advanced thermal processing equipment to the solar, semiconductor / electronics, and LED manufacturing markets. Amtech's equipment includes diffusion, ALD and PECVD systems and solder reflow systems. Amtech also supplies wafer handling automation and polishing equipment and related consumable products. The Company's wafer handling, thermal processing and consumable products currently address the diffusion, oxidation, and deposition steps used in the fabrication of solar cells, LEDs, semiconductors, MEMS, printed circuit boards, semiconductor packaging, and the polishing of newly sliced sapphire and silicon wafers. Amtech's products are recognized under the leading brand names Tempress Systems™, Bruce Technologies™, PR Hoffman™, R2D Automation™, SoLayTec, and BTU International.


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