Amplifier has switchable high gain of 1,012 and 1,013 V/A.

Press Release Summary:

Featuring low noise current of 0.18 fA/square root of Hz, Model LCA-2-10T allows measurement of currents in femto to pico Amp range. It comes in miniaturized, rugged aluminum housing that optimizes EMI shielding. Unit is suited for amplification of small currents close to DC generated by high impedance sources such as photodiodes, PMTs, ionization, and particle detectors. Applications include spectroscopy, photodiode amplification, A/D converters, and digital voltmeters.

Original Press Release:

FEMTO Ultra Low Noise Current Amplifier

August 2008
Santa Rosa, CA.

FEMTO introduces the ultra low noise current (transimpedance) amplifier LCA-2-10T for very sensitive current and charge measurements. This new addition to the FEMTO product portfolio has a switchable high gain of 1012 and 1013 V/A. The LCA-2-10T has an extremely low noise current of 0.18 fA/square root of Hz allowing measurement of currents in the femto to pico Ampere range. Signal filters and an offset control make it a versatile tool for many applications. It comes in a miniaturized and rugged aluminum housing which is designed to optimize EMI shielding. The small size lets you get the amplifier close to the detector, minimizing noise from long detector leads.

The LCA-2-10T is the ideal tool for amplification of small currents close to DC generated by high impedance sources, such as photodiodes, PMTs, ionization and particle detectors. Typical applications include spectroscopy, photodiode amplification, ionization and charge detector amplification, conductive atomic force microscopy (cAFM), characterization of active electronic components, and pre-amplification for oscilloscopes, A/D converters and digital voltmeters.

FEMTO manufactures a line of high quality specialty amplifiers for signal recovery and processing. These products include Low Noise Current Amplifiers, High and Low Frequency Voltage Amplifiers, Photoreceivers, High Speed GHz Amplifiers and Lock-In Amplifiers.


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