Amplifier drives high sampling rate A/D converters.

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Model LT5514 850 MHz, programmable-gain, broadband amplifier exhibits output 3rd order intercept of 49 dBm at 70 MHz. It has 2nd and 3rd order distortion products lower than -87 dBc, while delivering 2 V peak-to-peak output into 200 ohm load. Variable gain is adjusted by on-chip, digitally controlled attenuator in combination with fixed gain amplifier. Unit is suited for 12- and 14-bit, 65 MS/sec or faster A/D converters in communication systems.

Original Press Release:

Broadband Programmable Gain Amplifier Delivers High Output Level with Ultra-Low Distortion

Device Drives High Sampling Rate A/D Converters

MILPITAS, CA - June 21, 2004 - A new 850 MHz programmable gain, broadband amplifier from Linear Technology Corporation has the best distortion characteristics of any amplifier in its class. The LT5514 exhibits an output third-order intercept (OIP3) of 49dBm at 70MHz, and has 2nd and 3rd order distortion products lower than -87dBc, while delivering 2V peak-to-peak output into a 200-Ohm load. Its combination of low noise and high spurious-free output capability makes it the driver of choice for 12- and 14-bit, 65Msps or faster A/D converters in high performance communication systems. The high performance of the LT5514 makes it ideal for a range of applications, including ADC drivers, IF amplifiers for cellular basestation receivers, amplifier/drivers for basestation transmitter distortion correction loops and amplifiers for cable headend upstream receivers.

The LT5514's variable gain is adjusted by means of an on-chip, digitally controlled attenuator in combination with a fixed gain amplifier. A 4-bit parallel input word provides accurate gain control, ranging from 10.5dB to 33dB, with a 1.5dB incremental step.

The LT5514 has a differential input and output topology, providing a balanced drive to an A/D converter, while preserving its very low distortion characteristics. Even with 50 Ohm loads, the amplifier output can swing more than 3Vp-p to match any A/D converter's input voltage range. As an amplifier, the LT5514 has a gain flatness of +/- 1dB over a 450MHz bandwidth. Meanwhile it introduces very little group delay, reducing phase distortion over a wide operating frequency.

The LT5514 contains two output amplifiers connected in parallel. Optimal distortion performance is achieved when both amplifiers are operating. However, the device can operate in a reduced power mode by selectively turning off one of the internal amplifiers, reducing the supply current by about 50%, yet still providing 43dBm OIP3 at 70MHz.

The LT5514 comes in a 20-pin plastic TSSOP package. The price in 1,000 piece quantities is $5.20. The product is available from stock.

Summary of Features: LT5514
o Output IP3 at 100MHz: 47dBm
o Maximum Output Power: 21dBm
o Bandwidth: LF to 850MHz
o Propagation Delay: 0.8ns
o Maximum Gain: 33dB
o Noise Figure: 7.3dB (Max Gain)
o Gain Control Range: 22.5dB
o Gain Control Step: 1.5dB

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